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  1. After checking with Best Buy, I was told that most likely it was the cable between the TV and the Direct box. It was. And now it works fine. Arvid
  2. arvid

    CB Usage

    We use our CB mostly between to RV and the Jeep, when searching for a camp site. I've found that most of the truckers won't answer you on a CB. I believe that is because they don't use them as much as they have phones and internet now. And as a ex trucker myself most of them and I don't like the language either. But there always is the newbies who want to impress the world. And there is a lot of 4 wheelers who put the big rigs in dangerous situations. Creating a few choice words from the best of us. PS I leave mine shut off when traveling. Arvid
  3. New question, I have a Winnebago Journey with two TV's. The bedroom one works just fine. The living room one will not come in color with Direct TV and satellite. It works in color on the off air or cable from park hookup. It also plays in color with a DVD. I have switched boxes with the bedroom with same results. HELP. arvid
  4. IN California, Their is free water and dumping, on HY. 86 South of Indio to Salton City, At 2 AM/PM TRUCK STOPS AND THE RED EARTH CASINO. LOTS OF FREE CAMPING AND 85 THOUSAND ACRES OF OFF ROAD VEHICLE AREAS. NEAR SALTON CITY. ENJOY Arvid
  5. Hi, Wolfe 10, Thanks for the well explained answer. The reason i was confused is the book says. Quote-The energy management system the power line 2004 EMS- automatically senses the available power to the vehicle. It determines whether it is connected to a 120 VAC,30 Amp shore power source,240 VAC, 50 AMP source or generator.- unquote -So i hope this helps others as well. Arvid
  6. Lajuene--Looking forward to meeting you next fall. We have a few people here with 4X4 s And lots of trails in the area, But need more as obligations limits their outings. We have the best weather in the southwest in this area. And the prices are really good. It's not a fancy place, but it's quiet, and not that far to bigger citys.Arvid
  7. I have a 2009 Winnebago Journey, The book says it will accept 240 volts,says nothing about a surge protector. I want to buy Progressives EMS-PT50C but it says it will not allow 240 volts to pass through.what is the alternative? Arvid
  8. We are in Southern California (Salton City) for the winter, and would like to hook up with other Jeepers for local trips in the wilderness. Sightseeing and easy- to moderate-rated trails, preferred. Also leaving here the end of March and going to Tucson and other places as we head to Wisconsin. Would like to meet others to explore different areas. Arvid
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