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  1. I own an older Teton 5th wheel and the subject of slide out "reset" switch has come up. Is there anyone out there that might be able to give me some information on this switch. i.e. location, pump location, fluid for pump?
  2. On this Armed Forces Day, and the day following the Marines 236th Birthday, it was a real joy to watch this ceremony. I am a really old Marine but was not aware of program. It makes me even prouder to have once been an active Marines, and will continue to be a proud Marine until I pass on.
  3. I purchased the system recently. It works great for me, saves a lot of time and mess. The only regret that I have is that I did not buy the system that was mountable in the RV. I have contacted Thetford asking about running a hose from the Tank valve to a mounted unit within one of the compartments. Their replay was that would not be a problem as long as the pump was below the drain valve since it is gravity fed. The pump does not pump out the tank, but only takes what it receives by gravity from the tank and then pumps it out to the sewer inlet. Its pretty hard to find a compartment below the sewer drain valve, so I end up raking the pump out of the box each time, connecting it to the rain valve and then putting it into operation.
  4. Nanseecat: I would appreciate any information you might have as to how you resolved this problem. Rick rick@junell.com
  5. I recently purchased this and I have the owners manual, but there is no information on the electrical system other than general descriptions. I would appreciate anyone who could help me get some information on the wiring (schematic or other drawing) for the electrical system.
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