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  1. Tony Z US Army 1978-1982 SGT/E-5 mos 19D2P Cavalry Scout All at beaauuutiful Ft. Bragg NC.....home of the 82d Airborne Division C 1/17th Cav.
  2. Amusing how many people will "NEVER" go into California again based on....a rumor. California is a political disaster, which is a huge reason I left. But hammer the state for some of the stupid things it does, not because "someone told me that they were doing this..."
  3. The police must have reasonable suspicion to stop you. That means they reasonably think you have violated the law in some way. Too arrest you or cite you they must have probable cause to believe that you have violated the law. The details of searching are far too complex to fully understand here. Police can search if you give them permission to do so or if they have a warrant. They may also search if they see something illegal. (ie...you are stopped for a traffic violation and the officer sees a hand grenade sitting between the seats. The officer could then justify a further search.) The police can search in an exigent circumstance. ie...they hear a woman screaming "STOP STABBING ME" from inside an rv. The officers would have the right to force entry into the rv. The rules on an rv are sometimes the same as a stick built and sometimes not. Sometimes it is just a motor vehicle. Lawyers will argue those points till doomsday. Crossing a border is a whole different animal. Federal Agents may search with no reason other than you are crossing the border. The courts have ruled that in crossing the border you give consent to the search. Again, lawyers may argue the point on and on...but... Before believing some video posted on the 'net look deeper into it. Not to say that some things are one sided and lacking in detail...but... If you think about it...how many times have YOU been stopped by the police and had anything more than a traffic citation issued? The world is full of "I heard about this from ...." incidents. I would doubt that many folks who frequent these forums have had more contact than that with cops.
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