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  1. No claims, no tickets and no change in coverage. BUT, it is my third year with them. Have read where some folks had up to 175% increase. How long have you had coverage with them?
  2. Good morning, Our insurance has increased 100% for the next 12 months through Blue Sky. Would appreciate comments/suggestions from members on companies that you are successful with. Thanks in advance for your time.
  3. Take a look at the Tiffin 36LA, bath and a half and V-10 engine.
  4. Seems like good advice on routes. Wanted to add a nice campground out of Waynesville, Creekside RV park. In my opinion, nicest in area.
  5. Will be traveling to Kennebunkport, ME in September and we have route figured to Scranton, PA. So, from Scranton planned on traveling I-84. Does anyone have a route suggestion? We are avoiding the New York and New Jersey areas.
  6. In Lancaster County Amish country, try these: Spring Gulch in New Holland, PA and Flory's Campground in Ronks, PA.
  7. wolfe 10, Hasn't Workhorse been shelved?
  8. Agree with hanko about Tiffin. We also own an Open Road 36LA, best M/H we have ever had.........
  9. Thanks to all for your responses. Herman, just left your state two weeks ago after spending 1 month at Guadalupe RV Resort in Kerrville. One of our all-time favorite RV parks that we continue to return to. Replacing older Winny with the Tiffin.
  10. I know everyone's first thought is: if you are concerned with fuel consumption, why buy it? "I am willing to pay so, I can play". Just have not experienced this engine on this chassis and wondering if some kind soul out there will give me their take on it. We will be towing a Honda CRV. Thanks for any and all input. Everyone be safe and enjoy your travels.
  11. Brett, Sorry, did not explain direction heading, going back to LA in about 9 days.
  12. Is there a place along I-10 from Kerrville, TX to LA, to get a motorhome weighed, by the wheel instead, of total unit weight?
  13. Thanks for your reply....I take more stock in what you are saying versus rvparkreviews.
  14. Good afternoon, Planning a trip to the Hot Springs area and was wondering about Catherine's Landing RV Park. Have not been to the area in nine years. This is a fairly new park and other than a few reviews on RVParkReviews.com, was wondering if anyone has experienced it and are you willing to comment?
  15. Brett, thanks for your advice. If we trade "up" will go with '09-'10 model.
  16. What is the best source to determine used value, nada or kelly blue book? All comments appreciated.
  17. I also have the 8.1 in a Winny '06, 33' Voyage, towing a '10 CRV. Traveling 58 to 60 mph on flat highway getting about 7.5mpg. What is your average mpg @ 60? Would appreciate your input.
  18. Thank you Mr Wolfe, Seems like the problem.... not as bad as I make it sound, but I guess I am particular. Now, I will have to decide what I want to do about it. Thanks again and safe travels. Pat
  19. Mr Wolfe, First, thanks for responding and I hope you are enjoying your travels. I just talked to a factory rep. and was told and I quote,"the sides are fiberglass filon gelcoat". The rep. says that the gecoat might have been "rubbed" off through the years and this could happen due to the previous owner possibly using a compound and buffer. The problem area along the upper driver side does seem like there is no gelcoat. There is no sharp line that separates this, it just seems to begin to blend in and then the remainder of the side is better. The front and rear cap are bright and the roof is spotless and bright. I have explored the idea of getting it re-gelcoated. If you have any suggestions/ideas, I would be most grateful. Oh, almost forgot, do you know of or recommend a shop to do this sort of work? Thanks, Pat
  20. We have an '06 Winny 33V Voyage. The white fiberglass on the sides, about a foot or so down from the roof, will not shine. As I get further down the white takes a shine and the basement doors (brown/tan) take a great shine. I am waiting for a response from Winnebago to ask questions (sent email today). I am just wondering if no clear coat or does it wear off? I know, I know, not a lot of info, but maybe someone has an idea. Any and all thoughts/ideas will be appreciated. Pat
  21. I found this on another forum, so here goes: Another of the gazillon uses of wax/ways to wax RV. It is called "Witches Brew" by the poster: One cup of liquid Turtle wax, one cup of distilled water and 1 tablespoon of Dawn liquid soap. After cleaning rv, spray this on and wipe off before it drys. Suppose to leave a great coating and shine. What say you? Has anyone used this concoction or heard of it?
  22. I had an experience with CoachNet last year, we had tire problems in Clines Corner, NM. I located a full service mobil tire repair center 30 minutes away who could furnish a tire if need be and also change my spare. CoachNet said no, we have someone 90 minutes away who will change your tire and will tow you (in the opposite direction of my travels),if there is a problem with another tire. I refused and told them logistically this did not make sense. After talking to numerous idiots with CoachNet I was able to explain the situation to a supervisor and he agreed that the best fix would be with the full service facility. We need to remember that we are talking to a call center and the person on the other end does not have a clue of the situation. You have to be proactive and not settle for their way, if it does not make sense. I know each situation is different, but push if their way is logistically stupid.
  23. Thanks, Peter and Dave for your replies. Would you mind sharing with me what synthetic oil you are using? Also, are you using the adapter for engine fuel filter or still able to get original workhorse filter? Sorry for all the questions, but do value your opinions. Again, thanks and stay safe.
  24. I will be changing the oil in my '06 Winnie with 8.1 L gas engine for the first time since purchasing it 4 months and 3,000 miles ago. It has 5w-30 Valvoline conventional oil in it now, but was thinking for this oil change and future changes to use 5w-30 Valvoline Synpower Full Synthetic 5w-30. The engine has 14,300 miles on it. I would value other opinions on which blend to use and why.
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