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  1. I am going to disconnect the vacuum line and plug the one going to the invisibrake and attach a vacuum gauge on the brake booster side. I will then try to recreate the problem.
  2. I still think that a one way vacuum check valve would do the trick. I am really concerned that others who have the Invisibrake will encounter the same problem. There is nothing like having to hit your brake hard and finding a hard pedal. I did as you had suggested and tested the vacuum hold of the system by running the car for a minute and then letting it stand for five minutes before trying the brake pedal. It was normal. That was a very easy way to check for vacuum leaks. Thanks!
  3. Last November/December I had installed a Roadmaster Invisibrake on my 2012 Honda Fit with automatic trans and cruise control. I have had no problem while towing the Honda Fit BUT when I am driving the Honda with the cruise on and it is accelerating and I have the need to hit the brakes, I get a hard brake pedal. It only last a second or two. (But that’s a lot!) Now, I turned wrenches for many years and thought it seemed like I was not getting adequate vacuum to the brake booster. I called Roadmaster tech support and followed his list of things to check. The hoses were tight and the cruise cancels when I hit the brake pedal. Tech support did not resolve the problem. I suggested that a check valve was needed in the ¼” vacuum line that went 12 to 15 feet to the Invisibrake controller. He said it was not needed. Has anyone else had similar experiences? Any thoughts on something overlooked? I intend to take the car to the Honda dealership and have them diagnose the problem next week. And yes, I will not be using the cruise control until the problem is resolved. I’ll let everyone know how it gets fixed.
  4. I have had the Roadmaster Invisibrake for 9 months now. After installation and adjustment, you just plug in your wire harness and clip on your breakaway switch and your on the road. My unit is totally hidden. The control sits in the wheel of my spare tire and the hoses, wires and vacuum control run through the same channels as the wiring harness for the toad (2012 Honda Fit). I love it.
  5. McBrian

    Air vs. Nitrogen

    I'd rather use the extra money to take the bride out to dinner. I check my tires on a regular basis and really only have to add air once a year. I'll stick with the 78% solution!
  6. It may be worth looking into because of the Supreme Court decision today. Looks like the U.S. joins Canada in national health care. I think we should see just what the new law provides before we all sign up. Non believers need not reply!
  7. After a lot of research, I just ordered the TST 507 system with flow thru sensors. I beleive it actually cost less than many of the others. The battaries are user replaceable.
  8. Hi, I too thought the mud flaps would offer enough protection for my toad. After our first trip, my windshild was chipped and we have a lot of paint chips on our bumper. It rained on the last homeward travel day and the entire car, including the engine compartment, was covered in road sand. I am now installing a rock guard and just finished putting on a full width skirt on our RV. It may be overkill but I don't want another cracked windshield and a bumper that needs to be painted. Good luck!
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