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  1. Is it that way at all faucets? Had the same issue with my shower and it was the mixer valve.
  2. Your precautionary on snow plus......is well taken. We hope to clear Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont by mid October and earlier if we must. Thanks for the insight. Merle
  3. We are planning a 2013 trip for Sept.,Oct and maybe part of Nov from western NC to Bar Harbor, ME, rummaging around NH and VT on the way back....probably coming back through NY (Lake Placid etc). We have made most of this trip many times but not in a motorhome (40 ft Plus dolly /car). I would appreciate any insight into campgrounds that are reasonably priced and yet nice to stay at for one week at each stop. We enjoy hiking and canoeing and anything outdoors. Thanks for any all help... Merle & Carm
  4. We have a 2002 40 FT Country Coach Allure that has air leveling (HWH). The system works OK but I would like to tweek it. Problem is....I can't find the sensor. Does anybody have a clue? Thanks in advance....
  5. Thanks you guys for the insight...... Your experience and judgement have been invaluable to me as a new DP owner. I will pursue a replacement. 2002 Country Coach Allure; Cummins ISC350/Allison 3000MH
  6. I have an 11 year old motor home with approx. 35000 miles on it. Having read some inputs via the forums, The potential of a desiccant cartridge in my Bendix air dryer breaking up and causing a very expensive cleanup has me thinking that maybe I should replace it as a preventative measure, DIY cost approx. $170. I am not interested in just throwing $170. into the wind but would like some advice from readers of this forum. By the way the existing system seems to be working just fine. Thanks in advance for your inputs. Merle 2002 Country Coach Allure; Cummins ISC350 w/Allison 3000MH
  7. Thanks for the insight......sometime in the next few days.....I will have the opportunity to pursue your inputs. Update.....try bad fuel....the jerks and glitches became more frequent and under varying conditions. At about 1/4 tank of fuel I gassed up and almost immediately there was a change. After about 100 miles the problem was gone altogether. I am about to change the filters.
  8. I have a 2002 Country Coach Allure; 350ISC/3000MH with 31000 miles. Operating conditions: In cruise control, economy mode, pac brake off, 59 miles/hr (1550 RPM's). Yesterday while traveling through the rolling hills of Missouri.....I noticed that on some hills the usual smooth shift from 6th gear to 5th was quickly followed by a jerking motion as if it really wanted to go into 4th (it did not go there). This happened several times in my 170 mile journey. I have Silverleaf, what parameters should I monitor to gather more pertinent detail. I took it out of Economy mode...same result. Took it out of Cruise and did not notice the problem. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.
  9. Something worth considering.....I have a credit card with "PenFed" (a credit union associated with the Pentagon) that gives a 5% discount on all gas/ diesel purchases paid for at the pump. The credit is applied against the outstanding balance due each month. This is not a today special...it is "forever". You do not need to be in the military or retired from it, an affiliation with a organization they approve of is all it takes. 5% is a big deal for most of us and it is on top of discounts you may get from Sam' s Club, Flying J or whatever. It cost me a one time fee of $25. to join the organization which was paid for rather quickly on our trip to Tucson this past winter. For more info., call Cardholder Service at 800-247-5626 or go to penfed.org.
  10. On these cold mornings my wife and I always lay in bed and debate who is going to get up and turn on the furnace....I always lose. After checking with Lazydays parts department, I was told that Dometic and others do not make a Climate Control System with a built in timer. Commonplace in houses but apparently not in RV's. Sharing a solution that I implemented.....I modified a cheapie timer, keeping the timer function intact but separating out the mechanical switch which I used to parallel the existing Dometic switch within the climate control uint. We can now set the time to come on and the time to go off for any function within the control unit plus the existing Dometic switch is still functional. I finally won the debate at a cost of less than $10. If anyone would like further details I would be happy to provide them. Happyhiker...2002 Allure 40 ft.
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