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  1. We now use the Verizon Mi-Fi and find it is a great addition to our internet use. Have not traveled with it yet but hear good things. Prior to that we used a Jefa Tech wireless repeater and that has worked very well for enhancing RV park signals. You can check them out online and also on the IRV2 forum. This is easy to set up indoors or out and will boost Wi-Fi signals from 8-15 DB depending on which antenna you use. The cost is less then $150 and you can get either antenna. I recommend the longer one when you purchase it as it will cost you $100 to add it later. The shorter one is better for use inside Your RV but both should work fine. I put mine on a extendable painters pole & set it up outside, Put the repeater on the dash and run the cable out the side of a slide out. You can attach it to your crank up TV antenna as well or bungy it to your ladder. You do have to have a line of sight to the park antenna to work well. We are just leaving to travel to the FMCA Rocky Mountain Rally so we will be checking out the Mi-Fi on the road as well.
  2. Loved the story, We had a ranch 3 miles south of Jackson at the Moke river. We were up on the top of the hill across from the bed & breakfast overlooking the town of Moke hill from across the river. This place was so dear to us and a magnificant place to live, we miss it so much. We retired to near Tucson several years ago but our hearts are in the Gold Country on highway 49. Thanks for the memories!
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