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  1. Thanks everyone for your help. Have stabilizers on hitch and am the proud owner of a 2021 Toyota Tundra.Got lots of power. Now if I can figure out how to park the truck in one of those dinky little parking spots at the doctors office all will be good. LOL
  2. GVWR is 6411# with cargo not to exceed 1555# so weight of vehicle is 4856#. Has oversized radiator and a fan for the radiator and a second one for something else. (Sorry don't remember what) Mechanic says there's no room for anything bigger. This is al factory installed heavy duty tow package. GMC owners manual says GCWR is 10,250#. There is a 2 inch difference in bumper height between hooked and unhooked. Is that too much? Could this be putting a strain on vehicle OR do I just need to suck it up and purchase a half ton truck. Thanks for your info.
  3. Just purchased a 2021 Micro Minnie - Model 2106DS. Put a few items in trailer. DID NOT put in any water in tanks, food, or clothing. Total weight of GMC Acadia and slightly loaded trailer is 9480# . Certified scale Was told I could tow with my 2011 GMC Acadia with the factory installed tow package. This includes larger radiator. Owner manual for GMC GCWR is 10,250. Had radiator flushed and new thermostat. I know I'm close on weight but temp. run normal at 210 deg. 2 people towing on freeway runs at 230. Going over overpass 250. What did I miss? Live in Phoenix and it was 112 deg. while doing driving test. Do I need to leave a 3:00 am to go somewhere? Very concerned about going to Flagstaff. If I need to purchase another vehicle what kind do I need. Beginning to think I should have stuck with my original idea, a hard sided A - Frame trailer.
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