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    Newmar, Ventana, ONON 8000
  2. dc27526


    Traveling from NC, were in AZ, generator is not working and would like to have serviced in Az or Las Vegas. Could any one refer a service center. And again thanks for the help Happy Traveling David Cotton Sr
  3. Hello Was wondering if anyone can help, I have a clarion NX501 and the mirco chip was pushed to far in I cant retreve it out of the slot. I guess I will be replacing the whole system! Does anyone know if there is a compatable system that will fill in the existing hole and the plugs on the back will be the same. Heading to Nashville TN (KOA), will be staying there from Sat. - Monday. If you all know anyone in Nashville to help with problem that would be great Thanks David
  4. Newmar Ventana, I need to add 12v auxiliary power supply for phone, tire monitor and camera to dash. Not really interested in pig tail with 3 plugs. Would like to come out from top of dash. Thanks for yals help, David Cotton Sr
  5. Newmar 2014 Ventana wax question. I'm having a problem finding a good mobile detail service. Since I'm near retirement, started thinking why not do it myself. That brings up the main question. Could anyone tell me where their is a training class on using a electric polisher and what type of wax to use. I could just buy one and start but, I had rather do it the right way. Plus its another challenge in life. It would be neat to have a degree in RV Polishing and Waxing.
  6. Has any one use wireless tow lights for tow car, if so what mfg? Or would i come out better running hard wire? Newmar 2014 Ventana, motor coach, Jeep Wrangler 2006. Would really like some lights that are permanent, that is wireless. Thanks for y'all help.
  7. 2015 Newmar Ventana, just picked up a 2006 Jeep sport, first class A diesel ever owned. Need advice on braking system. Sounds like Air Force One and M&G are top of line? Input would be helpful, Thanks
  8. Have a Newmar Ventana 2015, 400HP. Just picked up a Jeep Wrangler Sport 2006, What is the best and safest tow bar. Will I need to add brakes to car? Where should I go for info and updates. Thanks David
  9. Newmar Ventana 2015, Black and grey waste water outlet, The 6" hole in bottom of bay is located where a 90 or 45 elbow won't work. In cold weather I have ripped 2 waste hoses trying to make connection, Is their some type of fitting that will work? Headed to Darlington Speedway for Bojangles 500
  10. Picked up new Newmar Ventana 2014, July 7. Drove from Nappanee IN to Raleigh NC, no problem. Parked inside totally enclosed building to protect from sun and rain. Here it comes, backed into pole while backing out. No body damage just paint and passenger side clearance light. Light is on order from Newmar. Would be grateful for any suggestions on what to do and where to have repair done. D.Cotton Sr. Raleigh NC Pole still not moved
  11. It happens as I'm filling up at pump using truckers lane. I cant seem to hear when tank is full. It's as if foam is entering hole at end of gas nozzle instead of liquid.
  12. Any one had problems with over fill of diesel tank?? Has happen twice. Newmar Ventana 2014 DCotton
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