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I have worked for FMCA for about 17 years -- formerly as associate editor of Family Motor Coaching magazine and currently as FMCA.com Webmaster. I am also one of the FMCA national office staff liaisons with the Governmental and Legislative Affairs Committee. I enjoy meeting and talking with FMCA members and doing whatever I can to promote the motorhome lifestyle.

These motorhome forums are powerful conduits for information exchange and FMCA's members-helping-members philosophy -- two core principles on which FMCA was founded. So, thank you for visiting the forums. Lurk, become familiar with the rules and format, and by all means, participate in the knowledge sharing by posting new topics and replying to messages.

To enhance the communal feel of our Community, I encourage everyone to create a Personal Profile like this, letting others know as much about you, or as little, as you want.

If you have a suggestion or comment related to FMCA.com or if you need help using the Forums, please contact me at any time: webmaster@fmca.com.

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