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  1. We are considering the same. Although we haven't done much to investigate how long it will take and whether the AK and Canadian roads are good enough for our RV to return in the same condition it left in. I understand that in years past the roads were terrible. We're in FL and would not be leaving before April. Fishing, photography, enjoying the sites, and travelling with a pet best describe our goals; apparently many shared by others. Gil gilj75@verizon.net
  2. My vote is for the SMI Air Force One. Many newer vehicles simply don't have room for the M&G system. Also, if you move the status light to inside the RV (recommended) there's no power needed or used from the towed vehicle. I'm not a fan of tow dollies as they're just something else to deal with at the CG. They are also, without the TOAD on them, nearly impossible to back.
  3. I just bought, today in fact, a 2012 Explorer. It's FWD and the manual says it can be towed 4 down. This is contrary to what an earlier poster stated. I hope I'm reading the manual correctly. I too have the Limited with keyless start. I assumed the reason for putting the ignigtion in the accessory position was to move the shifter into neutral. My plam right now is to install a battery disconect switch if there's any load on the battery. Has anyone used diodes to power the Explorer's tail lights from the RV? If so, where did you install them? As for the Jeep comments, I traded in a 2011 Jeep Grad Cherokee for the Explorer. I don't recommend the V-8 Grand Cherokee. Jeep's are the easiest to tow; no speed restrictions, the key is off when towing. I'm going with Roadmaster base plates. Any recommendation or lessons learned? Thanks, Gil
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