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  1. The best thing to do is to get me to go with you......however thats not going to happen. Been three times and the last two were super. Went in 1973, 2008 and 2012. It is what everyone says....A real trip of a lifetime. My opinions might not be best as I am more than biased about Alaska. Love it love it love it !! Been on both the ferry and highway.. For me the highway is the only way. Up the Alaskan and back on the Cassiar. Took about two months each time and they was plenty. We drive a Monaco gas rig. Costs......for what ? Fuel is a bit more but did not break the bank. RV parks are a bit difference and not the same quality as the lower 48....for the most part. For us the round trip was about 7000 miles. On last trip we got stuck at Toad River for about 5 days because of road outages. A real way out place that we learned to love as we enjoyed watching the evening Moose in the ponds along with Beaver, Ducks and Buffalo just up the road. Bear....bears...and more bears on this section of the Alcan. Took short rides on our folding bikes and found a wonderful and out of the way place. Never heard of it prior. Camp grounds at the Laird hot springs were fine and the pools were much fun. We have been doing the RV gig since 1970 so have seen more than a few places. If you have any direct questions please let me know as I would be glad to assist if wanted. Have a great trip.....you will love it.....guaranteed !! Tom W.
  2. Jim and others interested: I sent you an email with a good bit of info. Yes we are off the 1st of June for a 60 day trip. No schedule that is in cement. We are two rigs and do plan to spend a good bit ot time together but at the same time both willing and expect to go "do our own thing" if and when it fits. We have the two rigs but are more than willing to expand to three or four if we all fit together. If interested please contact me and I will forward the hoped for travel plan. Only things in cement are dates for June 21st in Fairbanks and the time in Denali where reservations are quite necessary. Review this and advise. Anyone elas interested please do same. tjwentling@astound.net Tom in Concord California
  3. There are a couple of ways to do it. Direct.....or more scenic. Hwy 80 is fine but Hwy 50 has a bit more to see and do. Very long and lonely but a really nice drive if you have time. In California I would agree that going up 101 is very nice. When done go north of Eureka and visit our Redwood National Parks.....that is really worth the time and effort. Nothing else like it in the whole country. There are many nice RV parks throughout the area.
  4. First I agree with all the suggest that your flying much too high !!! Slow down and smell the Roses. Somewhere around 60 is more real that what you are suggesting. We did a tow with the Wrangler for a number of years. Loved it and worked really fine. We did change to a Jeep Liberty because it had most all the same features but had a bit of class that makes the wife happy when going out to dine. Wrangler is just fine.....but the liberty has been a nice upgrade for us. Really.....slow down and live a bit longer. Cheers.....
  5. See your post on Alaska. At this time we have two rigs. Ours from Northern California and one from North Carolina. We are leaving late May / Early June and plan to meet in BC around the 5th of June +/- a bit. Trip will be around 60 days or so. Have been twice prior. Once in Caravan and once single. Want to go a bit slower this time so just going to have a very few rigs. Like to sight see, fish, photo and hike. A sip of wine in the evenings make life a bit smoother. Let me know if interested and I will start to send you some info. tjwentling@astound.net We drive a 34 ft rig and two a jeep. Retired and enjoying life at 76. Advise. Tom
  6. I see what is on line about the 7000 series however I am most interested in the 5510. Any comments on this unit ?? Have been using a Garmin for years and very happy. Just wanted to get the RV additions that RM is pushing.
  7. Enjoyed reading of your travel experiences. Yes we still plan to do the Alaska trip this coming summer. At this time looks like our rig plus two or three others. It is quite open as to the travel plans. Hope to depart northern California sometime is early June and would be gone about 60 days +/- We are quite open to travel plans but working with the Driscols we should have some kind of suggesgted schedule realy early the next month or so. If this sounds like it might fit please drop me an eamil. tjwentling@astound.net We dont desire a large group but about six or so could travel as a very relaxed pace and enjoy the flowers along the way. Advise.
  8. Adventure Caravan.....very good. We did the same trip in 08 and is was really very good. We are going back in the summer of 2012 and will not be going with a group. So far we have a two or three other interested. Whereas the caravan is very good they just go too fast and hit too many places that we choose not to stop at. . Either way you win. Advanture Caravan has a very well planned travel schedule and they know what they are doing and do it very well. It is just the difference between 25 rigs and a small hand full. If you have any interest i will forward info to you on our group. Enjoy Alaska.......you will love it !!
  9. Greetings Sent info about a month ago and did not hear back from you. Are you still interested in Alaska ? Drop me a line if you would like to communicate. We have a group of two at this time. tjwentling@astound.net Regards..... Tom Wentling
  10. Greetings Not sure if I have already replyed to your question. Here is tjwentling@astound.net Just a couple of RV's gathering to go to Alaska during the summer of 2012. Let me know your interest and I will communicate with you and let you know what we have in mind. Takes about 60 days and if we can get a nice small group we can move at our own pace and break off and do what ever we desire.....such as fish, photo, or just lay back. There are tons of camping areas so that is not a problem. Advise
  11. Greetings Leary We did the Adventure Caravan in 08. Really good group and enjoyed the trip much. This time we are not doing a large group. They are very well planned and you do see it all. However.....they go a bit too fast and did places and events that we would choose not to do again. We drive a 05 Monaco Monarch and tow a liberty just like you do. We are not full timers.....just do a lot. Also love to fish both fly and other. Take lots of photos as well. With AC there was not a lot of time to fish so we left the group for a few days and just did my fishing thing while they continued to go elsewhere. It just depends on what one likes and wants. At this time there are two of us that are planning a 60 day or so trip. We do not have the route in cement as of year and will work out the details the first of the year. Plan to leave around early June. The other interested party is fron North Carolina. There is a third party but as of yet I am not sure of them. I am not trying to put together anything official. Just a group of six or less that have somewhat the same interests. Let me know if this works for you and if so will start to include you in the emails. Regards....
  12. Greetings Chuck My name is Tom Wentling @ tjwentling@astound.net. We dont have plans in cement at this time. Plan to go up from our home in Central California and leave out during the month of June and would hope to have about a 60 day trip. I also have been in communications with Mike Driscoll and we seem to have much in common. I would suggest that the three of us, and perhaps other that might also be interested, stay in contact as the clock runs. If this sounds like it might work for you I will send info on us and our rough plans. We also like to have Halibut in the freezer and would plan to do some deep sea fishing while up. Advise. Regards.
  13. Good question and always one of concern. We have been in the RV life style for 40+ years. The best suggestion I would have is to stop in mid afternoon before the campgrounds are all full. Most of the NP's here in the west have many many additional camp areas outside but near the NP. We just returned from a three week trip in Utah and visited the seven NP's in the state. No reservations were made well in advance but often when we knew where we would be the next night I would make a 24 hours in advance reservation. This is usually no problem. The big parks....Yosemite and the like will often require advance planning if you want to stay inside the park. But the end result is still the same.......stop before everything fills up and take your time to smell the Roses. Good luck and respond if I can be of any further advise just drop me an email. Remember......the advice is as good as the price you pay for it. Cheers and good RVing.
  14. We have traveled to Alaska twice and desire to go again during the summer of 2012. We are looking for interested travelers to share the experience with. We have used Adventure Caravans (very good) but think we might like to travel at a slower pace this time around. We love photography and fishing.
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