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  1. I am not near as smart as any of these guys that answer so many difficult questions on this forum. They leave me in awe and I feel my IQ rapidly drop when I read their thoughtful answers. There might be something with the unit in its wiring harness. I have a AVIC 930 BT that i just had installed. I had to look up on youtube how to bypass the system in order to be able to use most of the functions without the parking brake enabled. It involved moving one yellow wire in the harness up to the position above it. This let me use all my functions while the vehicle is in motion. Not that i will be watching any videos while driving, i assure you lol as i am not that good at driving the behemoth yet. Perhaps your unit has a different method of bypass for using while in motion. All i know is that the function you are talking about has to do with that feature in the Pioneer, i believe. This is all i could find off hand. But this is the exact same thing i did to mine to make it work without that warning coming up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_QnY2-DQh4
  2. First of all: Welcome Home Second: thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your service to this proud nation One: Mark Pennington Two: US Navy Three: 8 years (6-11-79 thru 87) Honorable Four: (E-6) Five: Interior Communications Electrician IC-1 Six: USS Midway CVN-41 (Yokosuka, Japan), USS Bainbridge CGN-25 Saw a John Hart also served on the Midway. I was onboard 81-83
  3. Would love to hear from some of you about which Ext Warranties are good, or at least not bad. Are they worth the expense for someone like me who is not a big DIY'er? (I don't mean to insinuate that I can do much, I am just not really good with my hands and I have some disabilities) We have a 2009 Monaco Knight 41SKQ 20k miles, 4 slides, Cummins 360 ISC I have done the search, read the previous threads on the similar topics. I am still unsure of which companies are at least reputable, should I go with the exclusionary product or are their other choices. I have never seen an answer to the question about wholesale warranties and what they offer. Anyone have experience with: American Bankers Life Assurance Company of Florida. Notice there are 20 complaints with BBB, all but two appear "resolved" ... this is the company WholesaleWarranties.net sent the quote for.. 5 years/50k for 3700.00 Appears to be an exclusionairy policy can add consequential damage for 395, Enhanced towing for 75, Tire/Wheel 7yrs for 449 The American Bankers Life company has a C+ rating, Wholesale Warranties has an A rating. (BBB)
  4. Take me flying Mr. Butler. I am not current, but had a Mooney 201 for a long time. Complex hi-preformance Single Engine, Land, Instrument. Havent been able to fly in a long time now, miss it horribly. Probably can't get my medical back now but would gladly split the fuel costs with you if you ever want to bore holes in the sky somewhere.
  5. Thank you all so much for your kind replies and the warm welcome. Mr. Mullins, in addition to Mr. Wolfe, was awesome and invited us to join a Rally in his Chapter; we are very excited to get to meet others as soon as we can. You are very correct, Mr. Butler, I write a lot. (verbose would be an understatment *grin*) I am very active in the cat fancy around the world and mentoring people. I "own" and moderate several large email lists and am a frequent contributor to many publications both in print and online. I also am grateful to have heard from others in Texas like Mr. Sooter. I sure hope I get to meet you all soon. Hope you are all prepared for the excessive questions I am sure I will have for any one of you LOL. I love to learn. Any of you need to put someone to work for you, I am happy to do whatever you need in exchange for helping me learn and to become a welcome member in the RV community. Thank you all.
  6. I am a brand new member. This is my third post in the forum, including my introduction. I have been contacted by a moderator who lives in my area that is willing to come over to me and help educate me on my new to me 2009 Monaco Knight. Right after that a local chapter member made contact, sent me their rally schedule and invited us to join them. We are under 55 (though not by much lol) but by my reckoning, my membership fee has already been worth it and I haven't even seen the magazine yet. This forum has gained me a ton of fantastic knowledge already. I am an optimist. I am a member of The International Cat Association, and we are having much the same issues, believe it or not. Membership is declining rapidly, it is aging out and cost of travel for people showing their cats has increased a lot. I have been focused on trying to find ways to rejuvenate the declining numbers. One of the most clearly defined causes has been that new members don't feel welcomed. Sound familiar? Anyone remember the Moonies? Those nuts at the airports with the flowers? The grew their memberships very simply by making new members feel very loved and welcomed. Now I am not suggesting cult building lol, but the first thing that FMCA and chapters need to do is find ways to wrap their arms around the membership that starts members talking to everyone they know about how fun their organization/chapter is. Get heads out of boxes, use social media, (only 2557 "like" the FMCA Facebook page) get folks networking to others, get online make a Facebook page "Young families in Motorhomes" or something like that. Be bold and stop the belief that what we have always done is good enough, because if we want to bring in youth, you need to relate the way they do. I am excited by what is yet to come in my membership. I intend to make the most of it and find more friends all over the country. Wow as a brand new member I probably yak too much huh? LoL
  7. Will be replacing ours this coming Saturday with a double din pioneer Avic-x930bt that has gps, Bluetooth, iPhone/iPod integration along with xm. Will also go ahead and upgrade the poor factory speakers and place the where they can be heard. The Magnedyne is the worst setup I think I have ever seen. Almost any double din will be an improvement I think. Just my opinion of course and ymmv. Having Frys do this, will try to let you know the end results.
  8. Hello folks, My name is Mark and my wife is Karen. We live in League City, TX. and have finally taken the plunge and got our first MH. I watched my father keep trading up with his 5th Wheels every few years until he finally got to the one he really wanted towards the later years of his life. By then he owed much more than it was worth. I figured we would just get what we wanted right out of the gate lol. We couldn't afford a brand new Motorhome but finally found what we hope was a pretty nice buy on a 2009 Monaco Knight. We were very conflicted trying to decide if we wanted a 5th Wheel or a MH. The Monaco Knight seemed to fit our wants enough more to tip the scale in its favor. We are very much brand new to RV'ing, and are trying to learn as much as we can. We want to get to the point where we are both knowledgeable and confident members of this very neat community around the country. I am not the DIY kind of guy just yet, but want to learn enough to at least maintain the systems well. I am a ravenous reader and have been going through this entire forum picking all of your brains topic by topic, and for that I thank you all. I was very lucky to notice that Brett, the forum moderator, happens to live almost next door to us in the same small TX community of League City. What a godsend already. I wrote him and he was kind enough to call me right away and we had a nice conversation and set up a time we could meet and he was willing to help start my badly needed education. Thank you so much Brett. My wife and I breed and show Bengal cats, these are domestic cats that look like little leopards. We have cats all over the country that we raised that are canoe/kyakking cats, most walk on leashes and are more like dogs than the typical cat. We travel to cat shows all around the country which was one reason we wanted to take the plunge and get into an RV. We started off years ago with a light aircraft (1978 Mooney 201) when we lived in the Northwest but after we had our third son we outgrew it and went to a Bayliner '32 that we traveled all throughout the Puget Sound with. We raised 3 boys, the youngest is now 23. The oldest is 27 and lives with his wife and our two grandchildren in Papua New Guinea as Missionaries translating the Bible. Our middle son is a recent graduate from Officers Candidate School in Rhode Island and is now an Ensign in the US Navy in training for Naval Intelligence. Our youngest is trying to get on the right track (hopefully lol) in a Texas program called Job Corp. My wife is about ready to retire from Department of Defense and has spent the last lots of years as the contracting officer for the Space Shuttle Program. I am retired from working in the car business mostly in the Northwest though we are both from Texas. Also spent a long time in the Navy. I hope very much to meet many of you around the country. We are always willing to help anyone, anytime in anyway we are able. God Bless and thank you for reading my long winded introduction
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