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  1. Don't know about Fl but AZ it is 4 seconds by law.
  2. "what happens if a lightning storm approaches? " There will be thunder , lightning, probably rain and maybe hail.
  3. Ain't that way in Arizona. The third unit can be anything thats towable. Straight from the Arizona statutes. 3. A recreational vehicle may pull two units if all of the following conditions are met: (a) The middle unit is equipped with a fifth wheel and brakes. The middle unit may be a farm vehicle or a horse trailer and shall have a weight equal to or greater than the rear unit. ( If the rear unit has a gross weight of three thousand pounds or more, it is equipped with brakes. © The total combined gross weight of the towed units does not exceed the manufacturer's stated gross vehicle weight of the towing unit.
  4. In reply to the comment about CW5's. Here at Ft huachuca CW5 are treated equal to O-6's parking places and all. I am one of those people that spent my whole life in the army. Army brat, 20 years AD, Married to career army woman 36 years svc, and retired dual status.
  5. I vote Jeep Liberty. I really like mine. A Grand Cherokee is also in the same league just more expensive and a little more room and luxury. I try to stay with the traffic. I ran up on a convoy of 8 or 10 MH about two weeks ago on I-10 they were running about 60 when everything else was running 75 +. The truckers were not happy.
  6. Are these the original batteries? If so theyare pushing 7 years old. I suspect bad batteries.
  7. I have not been there for a while but if you overnight in Flagstaff you might be interested in Black Barts. RV campground and steak house where the local college students give a short play along with dinner. Not the best steaks I ever had. or is it Broadway but beats watchin TV or whatever and is slightly different.
  8. I can see the border and Agua Prieta from my house. I wouldn't set foot on the place. However Baja is still one the safe travel list. http://isitsafetotraveltomexico.com/
  9. I have a 35footer with a Cat 3126. I normally tow a Jeep wrangler 3000lb. I don't think I have ever been on a hill that I could not exceed the speed limit if I wanted to waste the fuel.
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