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  1. Hey All! So glad to finally find this specific forum about cooling motorhomes in the hot - hot summer places. For the last 8-10 years as we've suffered thru hot box temperatures and the only responses we'd seemed to muster from those camping around us and the RV service people was that all the mechanicals were working just fine and the neighboring campers would clearly imply that they actually had icles hanging from their curtains and making ice cubes in their water glasses at the diner table. Nice to hear some reality and then practical solutions!!!!! YYYikes!!! mjs4417
  2. mcrane, and all, thank you for the helpful info. will certainly persue! mcrane, as far as finding a "good / competent" flooring person my choice was to look to our large Amish community here in north eastern ohio. skill and honest workmanship are abundant. Reading the Amish paper "The Budget" lets me know there are many clusters of these fine craftsmen in most of the states. Count on fair prices for very nice, top quality workmanship!! Good luck and success for your endeavors. mjs4417
  3. Hi mcrane, Just the subject I too am interested in. My query is : Is there a standout, most recommended brand/type of plank vinyl flooring for motor coach applications! One mentioned to me was the "Allure" brand flooring easily found at Lowes or Home Depot. mjs
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