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  1. Thanks for the heads up, what braking system do you have on the Saturn?
  2. We had a 40' Charleston with Cummins ISL 400, the coach weighted 32,000 and averaged about 7.5 mpg.
  3. The primary purpose of these products is to aid the driver with steering control as is the case with a front tire blowout by adding centering force to the steering wheel. A secondary benefit provided with Tru-Center is ability to trim the centering force of the steering wheel to the right or left of center. This can be useful in situations of high camber road surfaces and cross winds. The trim must be changed when road or wind conditions change. For myself, I use it on long stretches of windy highways such as I70 crossing eastern Colorado and Kansas.
  4. I had a generator problem that only happened when I was driving, the low oil level sensor would activate under certain conditions and turn off the generator. Later found out the dip stick was not properly calibrated and was showing full when it was a quart low. Check and see if you have error code read out on your generator.
  5. We had a 2008 Forrest River Charleston 40' and with 2 13.5K units, the best we could get is 20 degree drop from outside temperature with low humidity. So if your getting to 80 when its 105 outside your doing real good. I assume the humidity was pretty low at your location. Costco has a 10k BTU for about $400 runs on 120v that will probably drop you another 5 degrees.
  6. Ron, for what its worth my Beaver owners manual for the Allison MH4000 says shut down if temperature is over 275 degrees F. It normally runs around 200 to 220. As Brett says it depends where the sending unit is located, on mine its right next to the transmission output cooling line. Also if I'm in stop and go traffic the temperature will climb to 220.
  7. Brett I agree shocks behave differently on some coaches although there was a reason the manufacturer chose the best shock for the application. The comparison article is a general reference on a given coach and may not be the same on all coaches. For my money I decided to stick with bilsteins even though the konis may fix some handling short comings, the last thing I want is a stiff ride. However, the cost to install and re-install 10 shocks is more money than I want to spent to find out. So I'll probably sell the konis.
  8. You may want to read this article from MotorHome magazine http://www.motorhomemagazine.com/rv-how-to/rv-tech-tips/shock-therapy-rv-shock-absorber-test/ they did a test comparison of the major shock manufactures products and the results may surprise you as they did me after I purchased Koni shocks only to learn the my Bilsteins were superior. Now I have a new set of Konis in the garage.
  9. You might try Montana. If you create an LLC you do not have to be a resident to register your vehicle while at the same time avoiding most sales tax. Montana has very low RV use taxes and registration. However, there is cost to set up and maintain an LLC. Google bennett lawyers in Montana, they are compentent and trustworthy. I've had my RV registered in Montana with them.
  10. I'm no technician but I had a similar problem one day turned on the air conditioner and no cold air fan would run. I read on a web site that sometimes for reasons not totally understood to turn on the heat pump and let it run for a few minutes then switch to air conditioning. By golly it worked and haven't had a problem since. Good Luck
  11. Thanks to all for the information, especially Wayne's analysis. Desmo
  12. How important is tire pressure? I'm curious as to what the ideal temperature range for checking tire pressure, or is ambient temperature sufficient? Most literature says to check tire pressure when cold. What is cold? In the desert winter months, nighttime is 20 degrees and daytime temperature is in the 70s. I also read that tire pressure varies by 1 PSI for every 10 degrees F. That is a significant amount of pressure given such a wide range of temperature when your axle loads are near maximum tire loads! What about high-altitude pressure readings in Denver, for example ... does it matter? Is plus or minus 5 PSI significant?
  13. If your Beaver Motorhome is riding on a Roadmaster 8 or 10 bag chassis and your problem is alignment, have the alignment shop set positive caster and toe in near maximum specification settings. When Roadmaster chassis positive caster and toe alignment is set to the negative range of specifications, they tend to wander.
  14. I can't speak for all Hondas but I have been towing a 2006 Honda Odyssey for 2 years over 10000 miles and have no problems. All you need to do is start the engine and shift from low to drive then to neutral and leave the key in the ignition also I have a disconnect switch on the negative post of the battery that I engage. Every 200 to 300 miles start the Odyssey and let idle for 5 minutes. Desmo
  15. Hi Can I change the lift height on my Tag? I have a chains connected to the lift mechanism, can I simply shorten to the next link. Currently the tag sometimes drags when lifted. Any down sides to changing tag raised height? Desmo
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