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  1. Hi Carl - I am well aware of RV tires aging out before tread wear out. I know it's time for new tires, I am researching options now - that's why I started this thread... And, Michelin does have a known sidewall cracking issue, that they have extended some out of normal warranty coverage to some folks. thx Vince
  2. I don't recall the timeframe or requirements for sure, I think five years, and Michelin will provide some compensation. Mine are older (I bought the coach used).
  3. I imagine a google or search of RV forums would find lots of info. Michelin has replaced and given $$ credit to some who have had the cracking worst or early on. Vince
  4. I see the listed tires are all load range G - I currently have load range H Michelin tires. The G provides little margin. Not sure if BFGoodrich being like big bro Michelin is a good thing - I am one who has incurred side wall cracking... thx Vince
  5. It was discussed that Continental tires would be added to the FMCA purchase program at the beginning of 2017. I see Michelin and Goodyear, but not Continental. What is status of Continental? Thanks! Vince
  6. I went with Blue Ox Adventa - because BO is a major vender and was available via Craigslist at a very good price.
  7. I think these address the OP's question: http://www.bridgestonetrucktires.com/publications/02v7iss1/ra8.asp http://www.rv.net/cforum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/26556591/srt/pa/pging/1/page/1.cfm
  8. And as others have commented - no fuse pulling, no special procedures, no time.speed limitations, etc. Should be hook it up and go (as is my current 05' Jeep Wrangler - a great toad). BTW, go to a motorhome rally - probably 1/4 to 1/3 toads are Jeeps. Easy to tow.
  9. I have similar setup as JimM68 - aftermarket bumper and bolt on Blur Ox brackets. Blue Ox towbar and Brake Buddy via Craigslist. $600-$700 all up for the tow stuff. The bumper with winch mount, winch guard loop, and steering gearbox skid I think I paid about $350. All works great with many trips and miles. 2005 TJ Rubicon on 33's.
  10. Is this for real? How/why would they oversell elecric spaces? We will not be arriving early and want electric...
  11. Any knowledge of experienced solar installers who will be at the Western Area Indio Rally? I have the solar panels, controller, wiring, etc. - and can do the battery and controller installation and wiring. What I can't do is the roof work of physically installing the solar panels, combiner box, and wire down to the controller - so looking for someone to do the roof work. thx Vince
  12. Planning to attend - first time at a rally. I see there are golf cart rentals avaiable. Leads me to believe the area is large and there could be a lot of walking. Walking distances is a problem for me - knee issues. Anyone have experiences, recommendations, comments? Thanks!
  13. I have the magnetic lights - have used them for several years. Not a big deal to attached, omly takes a minute on/off.
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