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  1. Good advice but I don't need a sub panel, just a RV outlet. After talking with inspector and electrican I will go with 6/3 wg NM-B #4 is overkill and not needed for this application. Lowes has a $20 off coupon good starting 9/17/12. I plan on doing it myself and having it inspected by an electrician when done. Right now I have a 30 amp coach and maybe in future a 50 amp. Thanks again for advice. Charlie
  2. Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated. After taking some exact measurements It will be a 79 foot run from service entrance panel to receptacle. I talked with an electrician at work who does home inspections. He said #6 was sufficient. Tomorrow I have a telephone appointment with the city inspector to determine the correct type of wire and conduit to use. BTW. #4/3 w/g is more than double the cost of #6/3 w/g. Thanks again
  3. I have a 30 amp motorhome and I want to install a receptacle in my garage 85 feet from breaker box. I plan on purchasing a newer MH in the future so I want to install a 50 amp receptacle. It's 85 feet from breaker to receptacle and 25 feet to motorhome. 50 amp power cords on motorhomes are typically 6/3 + 8/1 ground. The chart for electrical wire size says #4 for lengths over 100’. http://www.myrv.us/electric/ Is there any reason to use greater than #6 considering the MH power cord size? Is the distance of the MH power cord figured into the distance to determine wire size? Would #6 wire be sufficient? It seems to me running #4 wire 85’ through the attic only to have #6 for the last 25 feet would defeat the purpose of using #4. Thanks Charlie
  4. We are very happy with our 2010 CR-V toad. Bought it mainly for towing just wish we could use it more.
  5. nalcon

    Steering Tires

    I have Cooper Roadmaster RM 170 on my rig. No problems.
  6. You can do a member search. Go to member directory and enter the number.
  7. My Class A MH is under the weight limit for a Class B license. I plan on buying one in the future that will require the B license. I wonder if I were to schedule a written and driving test and use my present MH if anyone at the DMV would check or even care that my vehicle was not in the correct class. It looks just like all the other motorhomes on the road. Has anyone attempted this? I suppose the worst that could happen would be I get turned away.
  8. Thanks for the info. I have been interested in the RVI. Read a lot of good reviews. I only travel in Texas right how and toad is under 4500# but will be traveling to other states in the future. Sounds simple, I like that.
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