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  1. Tim, I don't have experience with Entegra, but I can give you some history. Some people from Newmar broke away and started Entegra. They felt that they could build a coach of equal quality as Newmar at a cheaper price. Both coaches have strong points and both are quality coaches. You didn't mention which model you were looking at, but between the two manufacturers there are equal models. I'm partial to Newmar having looked at both coaches, there were some intangibles about the Newmar that I liked better. If you're buying a new unit Newmar will let you make whatever changes you like (within reason). There are many Newmar owners that ordered their unit with upgrades specific to them. With the Entegra you have to take it the way it comes, the factory won't vary from their established options/floor plan. If you like what they offer and like the Entegra floor plan it is a good choice, but you may want to look at a comparable Newmar for comparison.
  2. Thanks guys. I contacted the Georgia Dome and they are going to have RV parking onsite, but the reservations won't be available until the middle of May.
  3. Hi everyone. We're going to a concert at the Georgia Dome in August. Does anyone know of someplace to stay that's not too far? We can take a car if needed, but would prefer not to ( this may be asking too much). Thanks
  4. Just in case anyone is reading this post I have an update. HWH was very helpful and explained how I needed to troubleshoot the problem. So after doing everything they suggested it came down to the control box. I've sent the box to HWH for repair, should have it back in a couple of weeks.
  5. Sorry Mr. Wolfe. I have a 2005 Newmar Dutch Star. The HWH system is a 625 Leveling System. I think my problem is either the park brake switch, which I don't know where it is, or in the Control Box. I still haven't checked the control board to make sure the LED is on. I just found out about where that is today.
  6. My jacks are up, and the air bags are full. When I try to set the jacks down the light saying "Not in Park" comes on. I've tried releasing the brake and re-applying, no use. I tried waiting to see if it resets, again no use. It was working fine earlier in the day so I'm not sure why it suddenly quit. Any thoughts?
  7. I agree with Mr. Herman! Last week we had Classic Coach Works replace the ceramic tile and carpeting in the coach. They did a great job and were wonderful to work with. We only had 1 week to get the repairs done, so through telephone calls, emails and web sites we picked out everything before we got there. They had all the material standing by ready to go. Once we firmed up the price they started working on it and had it done when they promised it. They started working on Monday and had it done by 4:00PM Friday. Greg and Allen were easy to work with, they assured us that if anything unusal came up they'd call, and told us to stop by anytime to check on progress. It was quality work at a reasonable price! We'll be going back to have new shades and maybe a new fridge after the winter.
  8. This has been interesting reading. It just so happens that I started tearing out the flooring in my '05 Dutch Star. I'm replacing the carpet and ceramic tile floor (forward of the bedroom) with new tile. So far, so good. Ernie, if you read this I do have a question. On the passenger side is the kitchen that is on a slide. The original tile goes under the cabinets, I'm thinking it's so the rollers have a smooth surface. I'm not going to pull the slide off the coach, and I can't get under the cabinets, so I was thinking of cutting the old tiles even with the base of the cabinets and and butting the new tile to them. I haven't found anything that will work for this other then a Dremel with a diamond cutter. Any thoughts you can share would be greatly appreciated. Charlie
  9. Jim, I think the two other posts hit it on the head. Chances are the splines in either the wiper arm (most likely) or the shaft have worn out. After you tighten it you'll get a couple of swipes and then what little part of the spline was catching will wear out. Depending where you are there might be a repair place nearby. If you're in Alabama near exit 44 off I10 there is a good repair facility that got high marks on FMCA. Charlie
  10. Washbob - I do love our DSDP and I agree with you as far as the richness and quality. I like the new tile floors they are putting in. I'm in the process of changing out the tile in our coach now. I'm going to take out all the tile and the carpet forward of the bedroom and go with a porcelain tile. My only thinking with the Newmars is that they now have the Freightliner chassises and I'm not sure I'm digging the full wall slide.
  11. OK, I'm not brand new to RVing, I have a 2005 Newmar Dutch Star. I love my DSDP, we think the quality of Newmar is outstanding. I've been reading and searching, and of course everyone has there own preferences. But, I wanted to see if anyone has compared head to head the Newmar against the Entegra. It seems that Entegra gives you more for the money. We are looking at an Entegra Anthem or either another Dutch Star, or if the budget allows, a Mountain Aire.
  12. We're going to be riding I10 through FL and are looking for an overnight somewhere between Tallahassee and Jacksonville. We'll be traveling in a big rig (65+ feet). I looked on Google maps and couldn't find anything even close to I10. Anyone have any suggestions? We'll be traveling in November. Thanks
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