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  1. I have a 1997 Roadtrek 190 Popular, on Dodge 3500 one-ton van chassis ---The motorhome conversion is made in Canada. Weighs about 7,500 pounds loaded for a 2-week trip with one skinny driver. It has a very short 126" wheelbase, so has always been tailheavy, but seems to be harder and harder to keep on the road, at 55-60 mph or more. Crawling under it, I don't see any anti-sway bars front or rear.... Wonder if it needs them, or just needs new front shocks perhaps. How does one tell, and/or who can an owner trust to tell him the truth about what is needed?
  2. My water heater overflow valve spews water when I turn on the how water switch (gas). The problem goes away if I shut off the water source and stop heating, and just use tap water. What should I be looking for or replacing? Thanks, Jim
  3. I have an older V-10 and have never experienced it locking as a result of cruise control. While your coach may be longer, my 33' seems to shift down as it climbs a hill, more than I want; but, not unreasonably so. I would have your dealer check it out.
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