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  1. We will see you at the INTO rally tomorrow. Have safe travels.
  2. I do not profess to know anything about most things but having said that is there a bad relay? Just throwing it out for discussion.
  3. Good post. I hope more people post. We joined a local chapter and I recommend everyone tries a local chapter. The Arizona chapter has great people we have had a wonderful time at the last two rallies.
  4. Ok, so there is a couple hundred spaces? So back to my original question---- who is coming.
  5. Sold out, that's good for the rally. How many units? Does anyone know?
  6. Roll call. Lazy Days is a great campground. Who will be attending? We have our spot reserved.
  7. How do you arrive a day early and or stay a day longer? I do not see any provision for this on the form.
  8. Thank you for the additional information. As I'm a new member I was not aware of all the facts. You have made things a little clearer now. It may have been better if this was stated prior to questions being asked.
  9. Do we know that FMCA does not have a cost factor for the electric? If that is the fact, the marketing team failed to present the costs, so as to not have the membership raise up in arms. Presentation is everything. FMCA should know that their members expect to be treated fairly and give the option to have sites with water & sewer but no electric or have pricing for generator areas. JMHO. On a personal note almost $100.00 a day is high.
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