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  1. I guess i'm not the only one to have poor customer service from blue ox. they must have changed management and do not take care of their customers anymore.
  2. so jim what yo are saying when you buy something from a manufacturer and it does not last like it should you just go buy another one and forget about it? i'm tired of buying china crap and the manufacturer making a big profit on it and then saying sorry that's the way it is, I worked hard for my money and just want what a good product when I pay a lot of money for it. maybe if I had your money I would not worry about it.
  3. wayne, yes I have posted on other forums and I am trying to let people know that blue ox does not take care of their customers and if I can steer others away from blue ox and cost them a few customers maybe they will take care of their customers better,
  4. I am sure their customer service used to be better as were their coiled cables, but now it is not, I will not buy a cable from them for $100 but one from a different company for a lot less. I was just letting everyone know how their customer service is now. if someone out there will give them a call and ask why they will not stand behind their products and mention this post and see what they say. I was just posting this to let people know how I was treated and hope to keep others from making the same mistake.
  5. I have a blue ox tow bar and with it the blue ox coiled electrical cable. after two years the cable is all cracked and in poor condition. I have figured that in the two years the cable has been outside on the vehicle when towing about 40 days and spent the rest of the time in the storage bay, so 40 days use out of 730 days of ownership. I had a roadmaster before this and after six years the electrical coiled cable was still in great shape, so blue ox must have used a cheap product to begin with, even though they want $100.00 to replace the cable. in closing I would not recommend buying blue ox products to anyone as their customer service is terrible. __________________
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    Hi, My wife and I are joining FMCA finally after owning motorhomes for the past 6 years. We went from a Class C to a Tiffin Phaeton 36gh in this time. The 2016 Phaeton is our sixth m.h. in six years. I know we should have bought our last m.h. first and we would have saved a lot of money. We were at Red Bay getting some work done on our new coach and picked up the magazine from FMCA down there and decided it was time to join if only for the magazine. Hopefully we will get to some rallies with the FMCA in the future.
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