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  1. We have had many RVs over the decades including two that served as 'home' when we full-timed for 9 years. We sold the last motorhome after getting off the road and settling in way-the-heck-south Texas, but found we missed RVing, so in 2010 we purchased a 21 foot Coachmen Freelander Class C which is perfect for our needs. We always name our cars and RVs so we decided to name our new motorhome "OTRA" which stands for "on the road again". It also means "other" in Spanish and we thought that was appropriate for another RV in our lives. OTRA is our 7th RV and probably our last.
  2. We have owned just about every configuration of RV, from truck camper to 37' class A, except a pop up or travel trailer. We full-timed for 9 years in a large, customized, high-end fifth wheel pulled by a small Freightliner RV hauler. We now own a 23' class C which we love. We have been traveling in it for over two years and it meets most of our needs, however we find we are missing having a dingy. This is especially true when we attend our chapter rallies as we always have to beg a ride when the club goes out to dinner. When we signed up for Gillette, I had intended to rent a car there (I don't cook at rallies, it's my 11th commandment ) so we could get into town for meals and whatever. We are now awaiting delivery of a Chevy Spark, manual transmission. Though hooking and unhooking a dingy is, for me, the worst part of motorhoming, it enhances the experience. The OP might consider that 5 days at a rally without a toad might not be ideal.
  3. I don't know if this would be helpful for anyone, but Montana is next door to Wyoming and there is no sales tax there. When we were full timers, we timed our tire purchases for when we would be near one of the states with no sales tax. You can save almost the price of another tire by shopping in one of those states.
  4. This will be our first large FMCA rally and we are volunteering so we are coming in two days early. We have a small class C with not very large fresh and gray water tanks. Sufficient black water holding tank. We also sent in the proper documentation for a handicapped spot as one of us has problems walking. When I looked at the site plan for Gillette, I saw that there are many sites with water and sewer. We are paying for 30 amp and need electricity for a medicaly mandated breathing machine. What are the chances that we will get a site with water and sewer? If not, will there be water delivery and hooney wagon service or will we have to disconnect and drive around to find both? Thank you for answering this.
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