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  1. Well, it seems to work just fine with the charger in bulk mode and the ignition key must be on. It also appears the current is being taken from the "start battery", not the house batteries. But I'm fine with that.. We do run our MH down the road often just to keep the tires round, but now it will be more convienent to put a slide out or in as needed for whatever reason when we're at the house. Thanks to all of ya, Rob
  2. Thanks for the quick replies. I do have a monitoring system so I might try watching it while I operate a slide. And yes, I can put the charger into bulk mode. Good idea.. Thanks
  3. We have a 2011 Bounder Classic 30 ft on a F-53. Operation of the slides call for starting the engine, brake on, etc. My question is, can I operate the slides while plugged into our 50 amp service at home, battery charger operating and batteries charged, without having the engine running. I don't want to burn up the slide motors or anything like that, but I would like to be able to operate the slides without having to run the engine. Starting the engine to me means letting it run 15-20 minutes to warm up before shutting down. The slides are electric and operate with Powergear motors. If in doubt, I will continue to operate slides like the manual says.... Thanks, Rob
  4. Sounds to me like "Big Mess World" messed up. Your tail lights on your tow should only come on when your MH lights are turned on or you use your brakes or turn signals. The parking lights ( fronts lights) should never be on when towing. I think they crossed some wires somewhere. Better have it looked at....
  5. Martha, We have a 2011 Nissan Frontier SV 4x4 that we had a "drive line disconnect" installed and it works great. Have never had a problem with it. The work was done by"Eagles Pride" which is located at "The Great Outdoors RV Park" outside Titusville, Fl. Not too far from you. I can't remember the price right now but I'll look it up and email it to you. Their number is 321 383-0288. Rob
  6. We always carry a LONG set of jumper cables just in case the toad battery decides to go dead....
  7. We have a nice arrangment to carry 2 bikes on our MH. (Sorry no cargo caddy) It is a Swagman Traveler XCS2 (p/n 64664) and a part called a "bent towing receiver" slides onto the MH side our 6" drop receiver. Wish I had the expertise to sent a picture. From this drop receiver is where we have our Blue Ox for our tow vehicle. This "bent towing receiver" (that's what swagman call it) is about 19" high and sticks out 14". This is where the bike rack slides onto and it's a good 3.5 feet of the ground. So our bike ride high on the back of the RV and still have lots of room to hook of the tow. You can get a better look at it at swagman.net. I had to do a lot of measuring to be sure our bikes didn't rub against the MH. Hope this helps......Rob
  8. Rob Zimmerman (STS3SS) USS Rasher (AGSS 269) (Diesel Pusher) USS Sculpin (SSN590) Served WestPac
  9. We have a 2011 Bounder Classic with a Diamond Shield front finish. It is in great condition (so far) but some folks recommend taking if off while I still can, before it gets "stained and nasty". It looks like a lot of work and I would be worried about damaging the paint. Think I'll just keep it waxed and hope for the best. I think water gets behind it and mold starts. If you can't wash off the stained parts you may have to remove the Diamond Shield and hopefully just touch up any paint that has come off with it... Good Luck with it..... Rob
  10. We have a 2011 30 ft. Bounder Classic and tow a Nissan Frontier that weights 4500lbs. We opted for a smaller MH in hopes that our mileage would be better than the larger ones that have the F53 chassis. We did get 7.1 mpg on our last trip but it does vary from 5.5 to 7.5 mpg. Like you say, it depends on head winds and highway speed. We cruise at about 60-65mpg.
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