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  1. My 525hp CAT C13 is a very thirsty kitty. I weigh 42k lbs and the average fuel economy is 5.4mpg. I have tried numerous things to increase it but at the end of the trip I am around that number. It doesn't seem to matter if I am towing my Ford Edge or not. I just purchased the trailer and will be making my first trip soon so I will see if the mileage drops. I will say that I love the way that it drives and pulls the hills and I usually stay around 62-65 mph.
  2. Whallam, being safe for the sake of others around you is not a "blind pursuit". If there is one person that is injured or dies due to the attitude of another driver that says I am not responsible enough to prepare for the "unlikely" event of my 2500lb unguided vehicle coming loose with no way to stop it then that is too many. As for your first statement, you comply by making sure that you meet or exceed the requirements of your state. I just sincerely hope that no one I know is any where near your motorhome when it is going down the road.
  3. The supplemental braking system is also there to stop the towed vehicle in the event of a tow bar and safety chain failure. Yes Whallum, your Saturn doesn't effect the motorhome brakes all that much but I guarantee you that if it came loose at highway speeds it would create quite a lot of havoc. Will this happen to you? Probably not but it could and that is why it would be very scary for everyone around you. I would be willing to bet that if your Saturn came loose and killed someone that you would be cited by the local law enforcement and you would be sued by the injured party. Is it really worth it to you to run that risk to save a few bucks and a little bit of time when you are setting up?
  4. The Safari Panther I am considering has both the Safe T Plus damper and the Steer Safe system installed on it by a previous owner. Not sure if they were trying to compensate for a problem or were just very concerned for their safety. The Panther is on the 10 airbag S Series Roadmaster chassis. Has anyone ever used both systems on one of these? Why both? Steve 2005 Panther
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