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  1. Now it is time for us to consider shocks as well and we are in the Koni vs Bilstein quandary. 2017 Berkshire XLT (Tag DP) on a Freightliner XCR 450 Chassis. Any advice will be welcome!!
  2. Thanks for the tips so far - had a friend send me this rather thoughtful article so I thought I would share: http://adventure.1tree.net/index.php/rv-living/finances/rv-extended-warranties
  3. We are considering getting a extended warranty since we will be doing extensive traveling across the USA & Canada over the next 3-5 years. We are looking at Wholesale Warranty as a good candidate (since they are apparently 'endorsed' by both FMCA and Escapees). Anyone have any experience with them? Especially in the area of claims and roadside assistance. Appreciate any and all input!
  4. Hello All! Retirement is starting to get real now! We retire at the end of 2017. Of course I have obsessed over finances, insurance and so forth BUT the one thing I have not gotten a good handle on is domicile! We are selling our S&B and will fulltime for the next few years and I would like to pick a domicile state that will give a maximum ROI on RV insurance, RV Extended Warranty/roadside assistance, and, of courses, personal income taxes. We are both retiring Government employees, so the affordable care act does not affect us (thank goodness!) so health insurance is not in our domicile calculus. Any advice you would care to offer is deeply appreciated!
  5. Well DARN WildBill...I DID make a sig...now why is it not appearing?!?!
  6. Picked her up from the factory in July this year - just over 2,500 miles on he so far and loving everything about her!
  7. Yepper! Our Mantra is 1/2 a tank = Empty Also, what wolfe said: in the grand scheme of things, 75 GAL of diesel weighs just over 550 Lbs which in not much in a 44K GWVR Coach
  8. I would add that it also depends on where you live. We are in the deep south so we keep the tank (150 gal) topped off and use Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer (All the time actually )
  9. I have a 35' Fleetwood Pace Arrow with a tag axle. and it is very stable. When I bought my coach I knew from past experience that it had to have a tag axle. It is a 1998 year model 34k (35') The 36s (36' 10") also has a tag axle. These units use a 235/85/16 tire. which are inexpensive compared to larger tires used on 1999 and up models. The tag axel was necessary because of the weight of those units and chassis being built by ford and Chevy at that time. Mine does not get any pull push from large trucks as they pass even if one is passing on each side at the same time on a three lane road. Love the way it handles!!!
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