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  1. We are replacing our tow dolly and Scion Xb with a new 2011 Wrangler 4 door to flat tow behind our 39'DP. Had settled on Roadmaster Falcon All Terrain tow bar and brackets with Patriot brake system, but have seen some negative commens on Patriot. Anyone here care to comment on Patriot brake system? Also, what are advantages of Blue Ox tow bar over the Falcon All Terrain? Any comments would be helpful.
  2. We love our new 2008 Damon Astoria Pacifica, but it had different 4 failure modes in the Freightliner Chassis air system during the first 6 months and 4k miles of use. All were fixed under warranty, but three times we have been stranded with no air pressure to release brakes or lift suspension system and needed emergency road service. Once at night in the rain. Each time we were lucky enough to be close to our local Freightliner service center. Each time the cause was deemed some "freak" defective component. Each time we were told "this never happens". The Damon Coach had a few minor issues, which I sort of expected, all of which our selling dealer fixed quickly. No big deal. But the Freightliner problems were not expected. We just returned from a 2500 mile trip completely problem free. I was nervous about going far from home, but looks like maybe we have gotten all the bugs out now. This is our first motorhome, and we bought the diesel on a Freightliner chassis primarily to get what we thought would be extra realiabiltiy. To say the least, I was spooked and was afraid we had made a huge misteak, but I have regained confidence. Has anyone else experienced a flurry of air system failuers on a new coach with a Freightliner chassis?
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