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  1. My wife and I purchased a 1997 Beaver Marquis last winter. It had some issues that we had to deal with, but overall, it's been a very good coach. I too have been constantly fixing and checking things, but nothing major. Seems like the more we use it, the "kinks" seem to work themselves out, and everything works as they should. These things are like planes - they have to be constantly inspected and maintained. Hopefully, you will get things worked out and can enjoy it.
  2. I recently talked to a truck driver friend who asked if I could adjust the amount of pressure in the air bags of my 1997 Beaver Marquis. We were discussing how good of a ride we have on our Gillig chassis when the pavement is good, but can be extremely rough on bad pavement. He thinks adjusting air in these bags will help the ride. Apparently this can be done on trailers. Has anyone explored, or installed pressure regulators on the air bags? Just curious. I don't think the shocks are bad since they're not leaking nor bottoming out, but the ride can be hard on the bladder on lots of expansion joints and pot holes! I have 102 lbs of air in front tires and 100 lbs on the rears. Thanks for your input.
  3. My wife and I are working towards this lifestyle too. Just had an estate sale after purchasing our 40' Marquis. Our home will be up for sale soon and we're camping as often as we can to learn as much as we can about our future home. So far, we love it and look forward to do what you're doing now. Good Luck!!
  4. This is our vehicle of freedom to roam this beautiful country doing what we love to do and worked so hard to accomphlish. It's our Beaver and our Magic Coach!
  5. A lot of damage can be done in 24 inches, plus it could slide even further. Bad idea to jack the back wheels completely off the ground on a steep slope.
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