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  1. my e-mail is kaysmith@sandw.net, good luck with your project, wish I could visit Yellowstone this year, but that is highly unlikely because of illness's in the family keeping us close to home.


  2. Rich, I will not post this on the forum, as there are many adamant posters there and I will not get into a

    debate with any of them, I consider all my friends. But I have a source for gell cell, cell phone tower pulls.

    I have been using the heavy duty gell cell batteries more than 12 years now, To date I have not changed

    anything about any charging system on either chassis or house battery charging systems. These are one

    year old pulls, the companies desire to change them that often rather than taking a chance of a failure in

    the event of a large outage. Anyway, I have been lucky so far, and have gotten about eight years life out of

    the batteries. Please don't pass this on to the forum because of undue hard feelings. But it is true.

    Oh yes, the 100 pound pulls new cost is over $800.00 each new, and I have to trade in equal battery

    weight, either gell, or wet, my cost is $100.00 each, and they are rated at 2000 amp hours each.

    The 80 pound version is rated at 1000 amp hours, cost me about $75.00 each.


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