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  1. No dealership involved just a truck service center. Why not have them drive it?
  2. They say it is a Cummins engine full diagnostic test that is recommended by Cummins (they are a Cummins shop)
  3. Yes. It is a Cassapa pump (can ONLY be gotten thru Spartan). The Spartan number for this is 1590-FF1-001 The Cassapa number for it is: 67061360 will see if they still have it around for crack photo
  4. I sure hope your right. This is my first trip with all my "kids". And Im about to loose my mind. Under alot of pressure due to quite a few significant life events besides this fun issue ?
  5. Thanks for asking him. The truck center did a check on the engine codes via computer and the temp it said it got to was 235degrees. The truck center feels I should let them do a full cummins test on engine that takes 5-6hrs to do. Your thoughts?
  6. Need some help from all you experts out there. Friday, I was driving from TX to CO and just 5 miles from my first campsite stop in Kansas, my check engine light and warning sound went off. I also noticed my steering wheel felt "stiff" and was not turning. I move over to shoulder of the highway and stopped. All of this took probably around 5 minutes as I was trying to figure out what was going on and what to do. My temperature gauge showed the engine at 235/240 degrees. Coach-net got us towed to the campsite for the nite that evening (after 3.5 hrs stuck on side of road ) and then towed to a Truck Center in Wichita the next morning. Truck Center says my Hydraulic pump has a crack in it. (which runs the engine fan and power steering) Just got the part overnighted from Spartan this morning (Tuesday) but due to the high temperature that the engine ran at they are not sure if there is also a blown head gasket and/or possible engine damage. They need to install the new pump before they can test for this. My question is, what do you think the odds are there is further damage? I need to get to where I was going as it was not a "vacation trip" The only 'stuff' I saw literally blown all over the back of my coach and my towed jeep was a yellowish fluid. There was some green stuff (photo below) on one of the lower beams that I'm not sure what it was but it wasn't the same stuff that was on my towed jeep. I'm worried it came from the gasket head Please let me know? Coach/Engine Info: 2004 Newmar Dutch Star 370-HP IFS Cummins Engine
  7. I made reservations at a state park campground starting on Monday Memorial day, quite some time ago. I'm new at this and did not think about where I was going to stay on my way TO this state park. Since it is a Holiday weekend I'm noticing that many of the State/National Parks either have no vacancy or require 2-4 nites be booked due to the holiday. (I prefer state parks since I travel with alot of dogs). I'm not interested in Walmarts etc due to the number of dogs I have, not opening my slides makes this rather difficult. My dates are rather limited for travel to and from this reservation as I will need to put my mother in a Nursing home for respite during my trip (I'm her caregiver) I'd be interested in what you've done when/if traveling during a holiday weekend and just need an overnighter.
  8. Great feedback - thank you! There are quite a few free programs out there but I've not yet found "the" one for for me - since this is a paid application I really appreciate your answering my question. I think I may give it a try.
  9. Does anyone know if the RV Trip Wizard is all its cracked up to be? (worth the membership fee) http://www.rvtripwizard.com
  10. Huh I'm in TX too and was thinking of trying them since the local place wanted $15 a linear foot to wash and wax ($600!!!) I laugh at them.... lol Okay back to looking at alternatives ...
  11. trishw


    Update - Got Bilstein shocks. I called Spartan to ID exactly the right ones for my MoHo and there was nothing to worry about as far as 'application' they were direct replacements for the old ones. No plates or anything special needed. The 6 new tires are on 4 with date stamps of 0616 and two with 0816. When I first got there I asked them to show me the date stamps to ensure they were what I'd been told I was getting. The very first tire he showed be was 0615 (yes 2015) I was like NOPE, not gonna work. So that led to a bunch of manager escalation calls and fast drive down by one of the managers with the correctly dated tires (from their other shop location). Apparently the fellow I had talked to initially personally saw all 6 of the correctly dated tires but some communication breakdown occured (ahem) and 3 of those that were sent down were 2015s). They fixed it promptly and wrote on each tire 1-6 next to the date stamp so I could be sure they were the correct one. Bought them via the Michelin tire plan at FMCA right here..... worked great and ended up with the correct tires. She floats down the road like a dream now. Oh, neglected to say that they also found she needed 2 Ball Joints (lowers only) for the front axle. I was able to order them direct from Spartan (just like I did the shocks) for a savings of $150 per Ball Joint than what the tire shop could get them for. (347 each vrs 499) It pays to do your own leg work and double check everything
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