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  1. Gel Coated fiberglass vinyl decals.
  2. Can someone recommend a decent wax for our coach? Any to stay away from?
  3. I have the exterior progressive 50 Amp protector, I've used it for 3 years now with 30 Amp or 50 Amp, works fine.
  4. I just paid $382 per tire in New Mexico this includes sales taxes but not mounting and balance. These are 19.5 XRVs'. Best price I could find anywhere. I'm happy with the Michelin program!! I scaled my coach and then went with Michelin's recommendation per their website for inflation. 90 Lbs front and 95 Lbs rear, rides great.
  5. on the REMCO site for one...says" towable with no speed or distance restrictions". Are you happy with your Focus? I wanted a lightweight vehicle that gets great mileage.
  6. Thanks for the price list for Michelin, I wasn't sure if that was current. Great prices!
  7. I am thinking of getting a 2008 Ford Focus with manual transmission, everything I have read says no problem. Anyone else towing an older Focus?
  8. I just priced 245/70R19.5 at Camperworld in Lubbock, TX $465.25 and $54 to mount and balance. They also have the Toyo brand at nearly the same price. Les Schwab had Toyo brand tires for 397. Anyone use the advantage program lately for 19.5 tires? I will be joining FMCA this week for sure.
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