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  1. My fan-tastic vent fan is stuck in the "On and open" position. I took the switch off the wall and unplugged the wire from the back and it stayed on and the vent stayed open. Does anyone have any ideas. I'm currently at work so at this time do not have the model number.
  2. Thanks for the answer, I will unhook and take it out for a drive once a month.
  3. Hello fellow RVers, I'm camping in northern FL and will be camping at this site for about 2 years while working. I have a 40ft Monaco Windsor with a Cummins diesel engine (diesel pusher). My question is how often should I start my engine to keep the engine and battery in good working order? Is it OK to start it up and leave it running and not have to unhook and pull out and drive it around? Was thinking to run the dash AC to put a load on the engine/alternator.
  4. The model of toilet I have is a Thetford Aria Deluxe 19430? When I went back to the coach to get the information it was working again. Why do you think it's did that? My step well cover does the same thing, it will suddenly stop working and then start working. It's not working right now.
  5. I don't have that information at the moment. I'm at work right now but going to run by my coach at around 11:30 this morning and Ill get that information for you. Thanks
  6. I have Monaco Windsor motor coach and my toilet all of a sudden stopped working. The toilet is electric meaning it has no pull type handle to manually flush it. It worked just 5 minutes earlier. Any one have any suggestions of what I can try to fix it? Also is there a way to flush it manually?
  7. Rich, Checked out the web site and that is exactly want I have on my motorhome. The sit even had a how to downloadable manual. Thanks again, Kevin
  8. Thanks a bunch Rich, I'll check out the link right now. Kevin.
  9. I just recently purchased my first motor home 2002 Monaco Windsor 40ft last week. I got call back to work in FL so I haven't had time to get familiar with it yet. I do plan on bring it down here and get out of hotel living. But while working down here and just setting in the hotel I have plenty of time to think and learn about my new Motorhome (my new home). I was thinking about the leveling system on my 2002 Monaco. It isn't self leveling but I noticed and it have 2 levelers on the back and only 1 on the front in the center just set back behind the front axle. Probably a stupid question but how is the front used to level the coach? Does it use the suspension air bags? If so on the controls there is only three buttons, two for the back and one for the front and then the all levelers button.
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