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  1. The problem we had with Coach Net? After a five state trip and 400 miles from home, had a blowout just outside of Mt Shasta on I-5. My coach has it own onboard spare tire. We were about 30 miles from Redding,CA, and Coach Net asked the same crazy questions, and over four hours to get a truck out. On top of it, the driver tried to "fleece us" for a $25.00 service call
  2. If the motorhome is still "being paid for", there is nothing you can do.... BUT If like me, and it is PAID OFF, contact your insurer ( or another one) and get a policy with an AGREED VALUE.
  3. Jay Bird USNR 1967-1969 E-3(X division) Treasure Island, USS Coral Sea ( CVA-43)
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