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  1. Abqtiger, You will have to determine if an extended warranty is suitable for your needs. I have been with the same extended warranty for 10 years and my rationale is for any catastrophic failure such as an engine or transmission. Over the years, the plan has paid out for a plethora of mechanical issues and there were instances in which it did not. I was recommended to self-insure also but I was not trying to save $25,000 to $35,000 just in case. This is a different perspective from someone who, for the most part, has benefited from having a plan. Best of luck in your decision making.
  2. Greetings!! In the process of draining my rear air tank I noticed a leaking drain valve which is located in the engine compartment. It has an air line connected to it that leads to the air tank. This was confirmed by spraying a soapy solution on the valve. Is this as simple as removing and replacing with a new one? I know that I will need to drain the tank first and will not need to crawl under the coach. Is is a replacement easily attainable? Thanks for any feedback.
  3. dowdyl, You know your finances better than anyone and I presume can manage them as appropriate. Obtaining a loan at age 60 is just a number in my opinion and there is no fault in getting a 20 year loan. Our last RV loan was awarded to us when I was 59 years of age and it is for 20 years. I had retired at age 57 and my wife was one year from retirement. Respectfully, if that is what you are thinking about now that you are still employed, consider all the parameters and make the appropriate decision that's best for you and your family. Hopefully, you are in good health and will be able to enjoy life to its fullest if you decide to "go for the 20 year loan." Best of luck in your decision making.
  4. I will take note of your recommendation. When I start the engine, it is for the specific purpose of taking it out on the road for its long exercise. I plan to do just that again next week. Thanks!!!!
  5. UPDATE!! I was able to start the coach after charging the batteries for two hours via the generator and turning on the engine block heater. The engine started on the first start. I took it out on a 91 mile round trip and did not turn the engine off until I returned to the storage facility. Before departing I disconnected all negative cables from the house and chassis batteries. This was probably overkill, but I wanted to make sure there was no parasitic drain on all eleven batteries. I will be returning probably the first of next week to find out if this method works and hopefully starting the engine. Thanks much to everyone's input.
  6. The last three replies are noted. Removing the negative battery cable from all "battery banks" would be the most feasible for now once I can get this Cummins ISX engine started.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I do have Automatic Generator Start and need to start using it. I'm almost one hour and ten minutes from where the coach is stored and so I have just left it alone. The batteries discharging is a real concern of mine.
  8. We own a 2007 Monaco Executive that is parked in a covered space in a storage facility. There is no electrical hookup to run the onboard charger inverter. There are three chassis batteries (12 volt AGM) and 8 house batteries (6 volts each and wet cell). When it is cold, I have a time trying to start the engine and sometimes I am successful and other times I have no luck. When I jump start, I hook the jumper cables (heavy duty) to my truck's battery (650 Cold Cranking Amps (CCAs)) and to two of the three batteries (950 CCAs each). There are two batteries that have the positive and negative connected so that I can jump them properly. Yes, I know that the CCAs are not compatible, but sometimes I am lucky. I am researching the feasibility of a jump starter with 1400 - 1800 CCAs that I can use to assist in this effort. Based on some of my readings, there is one school of thought that endorses a portable jump starter and another school of thought that says that it is a waste of time. In the past, I have removed all three chassis batteries and charged each individually at home; however, this is just a pain and I do no relish performing this task. I am soliciting your sage advice and/or recommendations as to any heavy duty jump starter or if I am wasting my time. The ones I have researched so far comprise either two or three group 31 AGM batteries and the total package weighs from 289 - 300 pounds. Please excuse the long post and Happy Holidays!!!!!!
  9. Thanks for the update. I am looking for 8 Michelin XZA2 Energy 295/80R22.5 LR H. The date code is what peaked my interest in your post. I do not want any that are more than three to six months old.
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