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  1. If you use a Dish Hopper, you can support two tvs from it. The 1st tv would need HDMI cable to get HD, but the second tv would use a Joey. The Joey communicates with the Hopper via coax. This would get service to the second tv, which to get HD there, would only require HDMI from the Joey to the TV.
  2. My unit has the heat pads for the tanks. It also has a small electric heater in the wet bay. I turn on a switch inside, when the temp in the wet bay drops to a certain level the heat pads and electric heater come on. I can't reach the pads to tell how hot they might feel. Works fine for me.
  3. If you are going north out Glacier, I would recommend you consider going to Banff. Not far and it puts you on a main route to Vancouver. There is much to see in the Banff area. Glaciers, wildlife, etc. Banff is as easy drive from Glacier.
  4. Is the warning light for an ABS Filter or for the Antilock Brake System? An ABS filter is made of ABS plastic material and used to eliminate odor from a standpipe, etc. If the warning light is on the dash, it might be for the Antilock Brake System.
  5. Well it is Tuesday and I just read your request. If you haven't already found someone, I have used San Diego RV in El Cajon [(619) 561-3531] several times. They were responsive and did good work. Hope this helps.
  6. While I can use my off air antenna for locals, I lose all the benefits of the Hopper when I don't get locals thru Dish. I have all my items plugged into a power strip; when time to reboot just flip the switch. It also permits me to cut power to everything when in storage to avoid undue battery drain.
  7. The reality is that if you don't tell Dish, they don't know if you are in an RV or at home. When I want to change locals while traveling, I just tell them I have made a temporary move and they change the locals with no issues. The issue is what will work with your model antenna. In your case, the original Hopper and Joey should work fine.
  8. Have been using Dish for 8 years in my RVs. Currently take a Hopper and 1 Joey from home when we travel. You can use Prime Time Anytime to auto record all 4 major networks from 7 to 10 pm each night plus watch any other 2 channels or record any other 2 channels at the same time. I have the 1st generation Hopper. The newer Hopper has even more capabilities. I never heard that they won't sell for use in RVs. Just find a Dish dealer and tell them what you want. I don't see how you arrive at the conclusion that their offering are slim. I just hate to see any service bad mouthed when a person has no experience with that service. If you have a Winegard Traveler antenna you have the ideal setup for good tv service from Dish, you need to work with a dealer rather than directly with Dish.
  9. I have read on several occasions of members of this forum being critical of irv2 for people slamming their posts. How is what happened here different? Seems there are some people who find it necessary to be critical rather than show some empathy for people who have problems. If you don't have all the facts, then perhaps you should resist the urge to comment.
  10. I'm not sure why everyone wants to jump on these folks, one of the benefits of Assist is prescription drug replacement: If the member misplaces a medical prescription or damages eyeglasses or contact lenses while away from home, Seven Corners will arrange and pay to deliver the replacement prescription or glasses (lenses included) to the member’s current location. Only the cost of shipping is covered. The cost of obtaining the prescription and/or glasses is the insured’s responsibility. The maximum amount of this benefit is $500. See above. She did mention that she had lost her heart medication. Seems they should have received a call or some help in this regard. While there was nothing to do regarding the coach or his lack of sleep, there is really no excuse for being ignored. IMO
  11. An equally real question is what Canadian Customs is going to say about what you bring in. You are only allowed a certain amount of liquor to be brought into Canada.
  12. I see a lot of criticism on this forum of irv2. I have used both for a long time without issue. They both contain good information when you have a problem. Never had an issue with linking to an outside source. Just MO.
  13. I have used gmail for years without security problems. It doesn't matter if you pay for a service or not, they all track usage.
  14. There is also apps on the Apple Apps store named iExit. There is one for trucks and a regular one. They show every exit and services, rest areas, and pullouts.
  15. You would think the Owners Manual and the manufacturer would have the correct answer.
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