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  1. Will do thanks for the tip, are we better off booking when we get down there
  2. Hi Carl we are hoping Florida City or south of Miami a cabin or trailer would be great we fly home from Miami on the 23rd Feb.
  3. We are English members since 1991 and are traveling to the US in Jan 2018 coming on the Queen Elizabeth to NY and spending 6 weeks touring in a car. I am looking for about 10 nights accommodation in Florida City. Any ideas please.
  4. We made our first visit over the pond this year to Orlando checked out Camping World. We are now in Spain for the winter and plan seeing the states in May, having a look at Graceland and the music seen. Was so impressed with Orlando it can only get better, got no plans on where we are staying so any tips will help. Paul
  5. Thank Wayne. I will do that. I was in Camping World Orlando and the sales staff where helpful. Will have to check out the insurance without a US address. I would like to do a swap if anybody's thinking of touring the UK as we would both save lots of money and help each other with best places to go. Paul
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