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  1. The induction cooktop that Tiffin used in 2015 year models is a 240V Cooktop. This is why when I ordered my 2015 Phaeton, I specified a gas. cooktop. The cooktop can be changed to a 120V cooktop, Tiffin made this change in later years. The 120V cooktops cannot have both burners on high at the same time, as they pull more than 30 amps together.
  2. How did you figure $1275? My statement says that my total is approximately 927.75. (25 Shares X 37.11) My first payment was $228.90, this one was $307.52.
  3. The OP is looking at a Fred (Front Engined Diesel), not a RED (Rear Engined Diesel). The Allegro Bay 37QBD is a Fred!
  4. Don't be a penny wise and a pound foolish. The Blue Ox Tow bars, as well as other "High end" tow bars, are also much easier to connect than some of the cheaper units.
  5. You should have no problems with the 2003 Grand Cherokee, assuming it is 4 Wheel Drive, with a neutral position in the Transfer Case. If it isn't 4X4, then it isn't towable 4 down. Also, be sure that your class C can tow a vehicle that weighs what the GC weighs. Around 4,000 - 4500 lbs more or less.
  6. I towed both of my Wranglers, 2012 and 2015, for multiple days without stopping and shifting gears. (Also towed a Liberty and two Grand Cherokees the same way.) I have never seen or heard of this being a requirement for Jeep products, although I have seen it for some GM and Ford products.
  7. There are good KOAs on both sides, unless you are opposed to KOAs. They aren't cheap. The one on the west side is very nice.
  8. I have purchased 5 Jeeps using this program over the last 20 or so years. It appears to me that this program gets the purchase price down about 10% under the sticker, with no haggling. Any haggling that is done concerns any trade-in that you might have. If you can sell your trade yourself, you will obviously come out ahead. We were fulltiming when we made most of the deals, and I wasn't interested in hanging around to sell my trade. If I do it again, I surely will sell the trade myself. Consider that in most states, if you sell your trade and apply the money received to the new purchase, then you will pay 3 - 10% sales tax on the money you received on your "Trade". On my last Jeep, that would have amounted to over $1,000. Would have been $3000 in some other states.
  9. I don't know of any parks around Red Bay with long term storage. (Unless you want to pay the going rate for a site for long term, about $100 per week)
  10. OP has a Ford powered gasser, tranny is not going to be an Allison 3000 or 4000! Only Manual transmission Patriot or Compass can be towed 4 down. If you really want a Jeep, do the Wrangler.
  11. What'cha wanna bet that the Motor Home was a rental!
  12. When we were full timing, this is what we did. No problems, and this included personal liability. About $275/year to insure a unit (10x30) in Alabama. Be sure that you get a climate controlled unit! Just gave it up this past March, when we moved back into a S&B.
  13. We full timed for 10 years. When you factor in the depreciation on two DP coaches, we spent a lot more than it would have cost to stay in a sticks and bricks. We did not try to be frugal, we traveled in all of the lower 48, rarely staying in one place more than a week or two except when visiting family or taking care of some severe medical issues. It was worth every penny, we would still be full timing if health issues hadn't stopped us. I had bypass surgery and DW had a hip replacement while we lived in the coach. Medicare and Texas Blue Cross took care of everything. I wish that they could make severe arthritis go away!
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