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  1. test for chris

  2. Dolly Tow A Jeep Wrangler?

    Thanks for responses.
  3. Thinking of purchasing a Jeep Rubicon as a tow. Was planing on flat tow but plan on doing some trail riding in the mountains and hopefully desert. Worried that one bad rock, log, rut or bog could damage the blue ox equipment on the jeep. Would it he better to dolly tow the jeep if possible? Have Jayco Alante, 5000 pull limit and don't have capability to 4 off tow. Thanks!
  4. Heat Loss In Furnace Exhaust

    Thank you for answers. Helpful.
  5. A lot of heat comes out of exhaust of furnace into atmosphere. Is this normal? Seems to be a waste of heat and fuel. Thanks jmh
  6. Dash A/C Drips Water On Driver's Foot

    Hope all it is. Thanks
  7. Dash A/C Drips Water On Driver's Foot

    Cracked case? Where and what? Thanks. Have new 2017 with 3800 miles. Thanks.
  8. The A.C. on the engine drips water on my gas pedal foot under the dash. Why does it do this? My right shoe and sock are soaked. Thanks.
  9. Tandem Dolly

  10. Tandem Dolly

    TY for replying.
  11. Does this include the 2017 Wranglers or Patriot/Compass?
  12. Jeep Wrangled or Patriot/Compass

    Pulling with a gas 2017 jayco alante. V10 with 5000 lbs towing limit. TY.
  13. New to fulltime rv ing. Looking to purchase either a Jeep Wrangle or a Patriot/Compass to flat tow. Have 5000 lb limit and 500 tongue weight. Prefer the unlimited Wrangled but has a 4600 lb curb weight and the limited is 4100 lb. Would it be better to choose the lighter Patriot or Compass which are in the 3200 curb weight range? Thank you!
  14. Tandem Dolly

    Was wanting to haul my Harley Davidson that weights 720 lbs and also a 3000 lbs car. The trailer is 740 lbs. Under my 5000 towing limit. The trailer manufacturer recommends a class 4 hitch. Jayco says my class 3 hitch is the largest hitch that should be on the RV. Also wanted to use a motorcycle lift and then flat tow the car, but again, would need a heavier hitch and the the total weight of bike and lift, 1000 lbs would be weight on the RV. Ready to give up on having my bike and car and choosing one or the other. Don't really want to have the tandem trailer to deal with. Big decision because a fulltimer. Thanks for any advise.