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  1. Jmholb57

    Transfer Switch Problem?

    Found the problem. ATS was under foot of bed. One of the connections was melted. Did temporay fix until getting a new ATS. Everything closed today. Thank you. Will get a metal box in place of this plastic one. Will be more concerned with checking the tightness of the connections from now on. Learning experience.
  2. Jmholb57

    Transfer Switch Problem?

    Thank you. Will check. Today. Have a neighbor that is helping with meter.
  3. Jmholb57

    Transfer Switch Problem?

    I' having the same problem. Nothing on shore power works bit everything on generator works. In central Florida with a dog and very hot also. Have a 2017 jayco alante and don' know where transfer switch is. Must be under bed for i looked everywhere else. Owners manual is of zero help. No breakers and no fuses are blown or kicked.
  4. Jmholb57

    Diesel Motorhome MPG-- Honest Answers Please

    Looking at a Tiffin with the isb 340. Is that engine under powered? Thanks.
  5. Jmholb57

    Tiffin Alleges Bay 37 QBD

    Considering trading for a Tiffin Allegra Bay 37QBD. Any one have any pros and cons for this unit. Been told the 340 ish Cummins is under powered. Has to he better than the v10 ford I now have. Thank you.
  6. Jmholb57

    test for chris

  7. Jmholb57

    Dolly Tow A Jeep Wrangler?

    Thanks for responses.
  8. Thinking of purchasing a Jeep Rubicon as a tow. Was planing on flat tow but plan on doing some trail riding in the mountains and hopefully desert. Worried that one bad rock, log, rut or bog could damage the blue ox equipment on the jeep. Would it he better to dolly tow the jeep if possible? Have Jayco Alante, 5000 pull limit and don't have capability to 4 off tow. Thanks!
  9. Jmholb57

    Heat Loss In Furnace Exhaust

    Thank you for answers. Helpful.
  10. A lot of heat comes out of exhaust of furnace into atmosphere. Is this normal? Seems to be a waste of heat and fuel. Thanks jmh
  11. Jmholb57

    Dash A/C Drips Water On Driver's Foot

    Hope all it is. Thanks
  12. Jmholb57

    Dash A/C Drips Water On Driver's Foot

    Cracked case? Where and what? Thanks. Have new 2017 with 3800 miles. Thanks.
  13. The A.C. on the engine drips water on my gas pedal foot under the dash. Why does it do this? My right shoe and sock are soaked. Thanks.
  14. Jmholb57

    Tandem Dolly