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  1. After having a Slide-in and 3 Class A types, we are on our 3rd Phoenix Cruiser (2350, 25551 & 2552). We can say nothing bad about the PC people but many good. The after sale support, even for older models, is better than any we've had before. Hanlont says it true and we will avoid visiting the factory. They just make it too easy to upgrade. You owe it to yourself to at least have a look at the Phoenix Cruiser forum and products.
  2. I have a 2013 Focus SE 5-speed and this info helps me. Thank you for that. However, I do have a question; does removing the ignition key lock the steering column?
  3. Not quite the same without CJ, is it?
  4. CJ is back on the road to home. He's not stopping in PA to drop-off the car. So far, so good.
  5. I AM A VETERAN I am the man that stood on Concord Green when the British officer said ‘’Disperse you rebels’’….. I am the man with the 69 caliber, smooth bore musket, with three shots of powder and ball in my duffel. I am the one that raised my musket and whispered ‘’Like ****’’ and fired the shot heard round the world. I was killed in the return volley from the British ….. I was the first casualty……… I am a veteran…. I stood on Bunker Hill with two shots of powder and only stones to go down the barrel of my musket and I heard the order ‘’Don’t fire till you see the whites of their eyes’’. I was killed in the first return volley from the British….. I am a veteran…. I froze at Valley Forge and I died from measles, mumps, dysentery, frostbite and fever. I was paid with paper money with no value and I stayed because I felt I was fighting for something bigger than me. I am a veteran. I was a sailor on the Bon Home Richard when John Paul Jones told the British ‘’I have not yet begun to fight’’………… I was killed by shrapnel from a cannon ball……… I am a veteran. I was aboard the Constitution as a Marine in the “tops†when they shouted that “Her sides are made of ironâ€â€¦â€¦â€¦. I fell to my death on the deck below…. I am a veteran I was at Yorktown when the British surrendered. I was a soldier in the Continental army and I saw it happen…….. I am a veteran In 1812 I was in Fort McHenry when the British thought they could blast it into submission ……. When the colors were shot down, I climbed the flag mast and re tied old glory in her rightful place so she might be seen by our enemy. I was killed by an exploding shell ……… I am a veteran I was a sailor aboard the USS Maine in Havana harbor when she was blown to bits by a sea mine. I was killed while shaving …….. I am a veteran In World War One I went over with ‘’Black Jack Pershing’’ to France . I was a soldier that slept in the mud and suffered trench foot. I ‘’Went over the top’’ to capture a German ant hill. I and hundreds more died because we were told to die. I am a veteran I am an unknown soldier buried in Flanders Field. I am known only to God. I am a veteran. I was a pilot in a “rag and string†biplane and was killed over France by a man in a red tri -plane…. I was burned beyond recognition… I am a veteran In World War Two I was a sailor aboard the USS Arizona. I was asleep when the assault came and I never knew what hit me…. My bones lie in that great tomb in Pearl Harbor. I am a veteran. In that same war I stood in line to volunteer for the military along with thousand and thousands of young men willing and eager to serve their country for twenty two dollars a month. I am a veteran I was a Navy pilot flying inferior equipment, fighting against one of the most seasoned, best equipped, best trained air forces in the world. I was killed over the Pacific Ocean and my body never recovered. I am a veteran I was a waste gunner on a B 17 flying daylight missions over Germany. I fired a 50 caliber machine gun against another of the best equipped, best trained, best fighting machines in the world at that time. My life expectancy was four missions… I died instantly when an 88 mm anti aircraft shell went into the open bomb bay doors… I am a veteran I am a soldier and I stormed Omaha Beach from a landing craft. I saw my brothers blown to pieces and I forged ahead. I would not quit and I would not stop. I was killed by machine gun fire before I got to the edge of the water………. I am a veteran I am buried under a cross marked ‘’Known only to God’’……….. I am a veteran I am a sailor aboard one of the many Submarines that went out on patrol and never returned. My bones lie on the bottom of the ocean in a place also known only to God. I am a veteran. I am a Marine. I fought one of the toughest, most determined armies in the world. I fought an army that thought it was shameful to surrender and glorious to die for ones emperor and country. I died thousands of times ……… I am a veteran I am the Sullivan Brothers…. I am a veteran I am that sailor that was assigned to the Marines when we raised the flag on Iwo Jima. ….. I am a veteran I am Ira Hayes, US Marine Corps. I am a veteran I am Audie Murphy, US Army. I am a veteran I am a Tuskegee Airman with the 332nd fighter squadron. I am a Native American “code talkerâ€. I am a veteran. I was in the Bataan death march and watched as my friends were beheaded because they did not bow low enough. I am a veteran .. I am a soldier fighting in Europe against one of the finest, best trained, best equipped armies in the world at the time ….I am buried in France …..I am a veteran I am a sailor aboard the USS Missouri and I watched our enemy strike his colors and sign the surrender………………… I am a veteran I fought on the ground in Korea with frozen feet and in the air with world war two airplanes while my enemy flew MIG 15 jets and cut us to pieces…… I am a veteran I am a doctor in a M.A.S.H. unit twenty miles behind the front lines. I put soldiers back together. I work an eighteen-hour shift……. I am a veteran I am a soldier in a rice paddy slogging along with 60 pounds on my back. No one seems to know exactly why we are here or what we are supposed to accomplish……….. My name is on a black slab of marble on the Washington Mall…… I am a veteran I am a nurse providing care for the young men brought in by Medivac. I was killed by a Sappers grenade….. I am a veteran I am one of the thousands buried at Arlington Cemetery in Virginia . I am black, white, Hispanic, and Native American. I am from all nations and all colors. I am Christian, Jewish, Catholic and all beliefs and sometimes agnostic. I am the man in the tomb of the “UNKNOWN SOLDIER†..I am a veteran. I died aboard the USS COLE and in the Marine barracks in Beirut . I was killed in Granada and again in Panama ….. In Desert Storm I was killed by friendly fire and in Afghanistan I died trying to rescue a fellow soldier that was bleeding to death…I am a veteran … I have tasted the copper taste of fear and did my duty and I have held a friend in my arms and watched him die....... I am a veteran As a veteran I ask for nothing from you. I did what I have done for my Country and my fellow fighting personnel. I did it because it had to be done and because if I had not done it we would not have this great country and the freedoms we so take for granted today. I am a veteran I did this so you could have freedom of speech and religion. I did this so you would have the right to burn my flag without fear of persecution. All these things I have done for you so that you might be free and enjoy the freedom of this great country.. I am a veteran …….. GOD BLESS AMERICA Posted by the courtesy of SeaJay
  6. rmmpe

    WWII Photos

    Those fighting and giving their lives were much like many of us that served (or are serving) in that we all had/have an agreement. The big difference was timing. CJ, You were 4 in 1944? Have you considered Euthanasia?
  7. Wayne, I heard that story......the other way 'round. The inter-service rivalry between the Navy and Marines will never end. Kinda like between me and my Brother. And I can live with that. I have your back, Marine. Bob
  8. Wayne, And just why did they call it a "P" cover"? And here all this time I thought I had done something wrong with them. BTW, the green ones don't show yellow stains too badly. Bob
  9. Hey Wayne, I, probably like you, would spend a little time at the EM Club having a few. As we had Marines guarding the gates, I also started collecting those little flat things Jarheads wear on their heads. All was well until we had an insection at the barracks. When I opened my locker, 23 of them tumbled out. Curiously enough, my Skipper made me hand-deliver all of them to their rightful owners. Life at the EM Club was never the same after that. Kinda thought you'd get a kick out of that. I sure got a few. Bob (SeaJay says Hi).
  10. I'm here too. USN, 1959-1966 Qualified in Submarines (USS Cavalla (SSK244), USS Dogfish (SS350). USS Wrangell (AE12) Navy Diver Coronado, CA Marine Recon instructor. SE Asia Country Club
  11. Personally, I enjoy the barbs. In fact, as a former Submariner and a member of the Marine Corps League, I find it great fun to walk into the MCL, stand at the door and yell "OK, all you a$$ho........er, Navy rejects, look here"! Then I stand there and point at each of the Jarheads that look my way as if I were counting them. They, of course, toss their many barbs at me too. Then we sit at the bar and have a few drinks together sharing "Sea Stories". It's the comaraderie, folks. We all have our choices in life and in the immortal words of Joe Arpaio, if you don't like it here, don't come back! Simple, yes?
  12. Another option is to install a small accumulator having a pressure switch, as I've done on boats and Motor Homes. Doing this will also smooth-out a diaphragm pumps delivery. In some cases, the pump's pressure switch can be bypassed to allow the accumulator's pressure switch to take the chore. Suitable accumulators can be found at marine supply stores. This will not, however, handle an electrical overload condition.
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