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  1. I have a 2009 Honda Fit automatic that is towable four down. I have towed it more than 20K mies with no issues. There is a specific procedure that must be followed prior to towing. If you have access to a Owners Manual for the 2007 it should provide the information you need. Mine is approved for towing by Honda. It would seem that if an automatic can be flat towed a manual shift should be towable. I checked my Owners Manual and here is what it states for manual transmission models: 1. Move the shifter into neutral position. 2. Release the parking brake. 3. Leave the ignition switch in the ACCESSORY (I) position so the steering wheel does not lock. Make sure the radio and any items plugged into the accessory power sockets are turned off so you do not run down the battery. 4. When you stop towing your vehicle and shift out of the neutral position you may not be able to move the shift lever from neutral to reverse or park. If this happens, press the brake pedal and turn the ignition switch to the ON (II) position, then shift out of neutral. These instructions are for the 2009 model Fit. Similar instructions should be found in a 2007 Owners Manual. Hope this helps. The Fit is a great tow car and is one of the best cars I have owned. Good luck with your towing. tlight 2008 Winnebago Voyage towing 2009 Honda Fit
  2. I currently have a 2008 Winnebago Voyage which has both dual pane windows and a heat pump. So far, no fogging problems with the windows and the heat pump has worked flawlessly. As previously stated when the temp drops into the low 40's the heat pump is not effective and turns the heating duties over to the furnace. A/C wise, I think the heat pump is more efficient than roof air. A plus for me is the cleaner appearance of the coach as the heat pump is basement mounted. The heat pump is also much quieter than roof air.
  3. My present coach is my first one with dual pane windows and a heat pump. Absolutely no problems. The heat pump has been very efficient in both heating and cooling modes. AC wise I prefer it over roof top units for the quiet operation. As previously stated, when the temp drops into the 40's thegas furnace picks up the function. Very pleased with both.
  4. We have a 2008 Winnebago Voyage with a full wall slide. There was an initial problem that occurred shortly after purchase. The center carrier attachment bolts both sheered. A very sharp tech did the repairs and have had no problems since. The additional space is great. Our previous coach had three slides but did not provide the space that the full wall does.
  5. I have towed my 2009 Honda Fit over 17,000 miles with absolutely no problem. As long as the proper Honda procedure is followed, as has been explained in other replies, there should be no difficuties in towing.
  6. I have run both Michelins and Goodyears. I found both to do the job intended. My current coach is equipped with Goodyear G670's. They have served me well and I am very happy with them.
  7. Marlene and I have been members since May 09. Just getting around to using the Forums. Have read quite a number and have gained some knowledge I didn't have concerning motorhoming. Thanks to all for your great contributions and your willingness to share with us newcomers. Hope to hear from some of you as we begin our association with FMCA.
  8. Doug is right on with the procedure outlined. I tow a 2009 Honda Fit with automatic trans and the procedure Doug provided is word for word right out of the Honda Fit Owner's Manual. The only additional instruction is to remove two fuses so as not to deplete your battery with the ignition switch in the accessory position. I find that it is just as easy to simply dissconnect the battery ground cable. I recognize when this is done it wipes out the computer memory and the radio memory. The computer will reset when the engine is started and the radio can be reset by entering a code. This will not restore any pre-set stations. Hope this is helpful.
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