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  1. Looking for suggestions regarding a lender for financing a motorhome who will allow you to register it in Montana. First coach we had was through Essex Credit but they would not allow for a Montana registration
  2. I want to purchase a used motorhome that is owned by a Canadian spending the winter in Fla. He bought it in the US took it into Canada paid Canadian duty tax. He will take it home again in Canada unload it and meet me in Vermont for completion of the sale. Will I be faced with a US duty. Can't find an answer anywhere.
  3. Toilet will not stop slowly filling. Have to shut off water valve to get it to not overflow. How difficult is it to pull out. Can't find any info on repairing the valve that controls the water input. 2006 monaco diplomat Thetford brand toilet.
  4. Recently bent rear ladder on 2006 Diplomat. I'm trying to find one from a scrap yard but no luck. Any advice on where to get a replacement.
  5. Mikefpt


    Waiting on a shipment of Fresh Cab but heard that you can use shaved soap in chees cloth also. What brand works?
  6. Traveling in October and am concerned with night temps in the high twenties. How do I keep pipes from freezing. Only going to be there five days. Daytime highs average 60+.
  7. I have hd direct tv at home and tried to hook up in the coach with an he receiver. I have a kingdome on the coach and finally found out after days of frustration that the had receiver won't work with a 2006 kingdome. Will a standard direct tv receiver work or should I get a portable dish.
  8. Mikefpt

    HWH Jacks

    I have a 2006 Monaco. Want to check the fluid level in the jack reservoir. Searched the manual for the location but cannot find it.
  9. So as a newbie I should be able to (and should) change the air filter, fuel/water seperator , jack fluid level. What other filters should I be able to do on my own
  10. Has anyone stayed at the new Myakka River Motorhome Resort? Only one year old. Not to be confused with the Myakka River RV Resort
  11. Also bought Hankook tires. Great ride, great price. Michelin program much more expensive.
  12. I have a 2006 diplomat and replaced with slightly larger tires for the same reason. Everything fits great. There is minimal difference in the actual size. The tire company stood them side by side when mounted and inflated. Maybe a quarter inch difference in height and width. With bags deflated it rests on tires but when stored I lower rear jack so frame comes slightly off tires. When parked it is leveled anyhow and is always off the frame. No problem with rubbing front wells with complete turn in or out. Also talked with monaco rep and he agreed that the difference is minimal. Now trying to figure out proper inflation.
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