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  1. We stayed at Buccaneer State Park. It is about 5 miles west of Bay St Louis. Nice park, really close to the beach. Not bad commuting to local spots. They do have full hook ups. Don't go during "Cruising The Coast".
  2. We stayed at "Up The Creek", which is about 5 mile out 321. Very nice, plenty large. Really liked the sites that are available to pull up to the creek in a Class A. Other sites have enough trees between sites that it is almost impossible to see your neighbor
  3. vettehead

    Hardwood Flooring

    Hardwood flooring
  4. I have completed the task of removing carpet/ tile and installing hardwood flooring. Removing the tile was the largest task. I finally, after several bruised knuckles and saying things that I shouldn't, used an air chisel. That worked very well. We used a 3/8 laminated floor purchased from the local hardware. Glued it with urethane adhesive that was very messy. It cleaned up well with paint thinner. We retained the carpet (for the time being) in the bedroom. Hardwood was placed through out the front and on the slide. Stair nose was used around the steps and leading edge of the slide. Turned out the be more work fitting the miters, but it looks better. Not sorry we went that way. Didn't know I could hurt in places I had forgotten. Guess getting older has it's perks. All in all not a bad job. We are pleased with it. Those that are reluctant to start such a job, it's not as bad one would think. Having trouble posting pictures I did manage to post some Pictures in the Photo section
  5. Here are some pictures of our almost completed re flooring
  6. Have installed the last of the flooring on the slide out. Trimmed it with Stair Nose. Glad the gluing is done. Really messy job, but the floor is not going anywhere. Hope I never have to take it up. Moving furniture back in, except one couch. Plan to install a recliner in it's place.
  7. I have all the flooring glued down except the slide. Cleaning the glue up was a problem. Started on the slide yesterday. Plans are to trim it out with stair nose. Am satisfied with results so far. BOH is happy also.
  8. I did use urethane glue (messy stuff) . Have used almost a 5 gal bucket of the stuff. All I like is the bathroom and around the shower. Well there is still the slide that I have to wait on another 84" stick of stair nose that is on back order. I trimmed out the top of the entry steps with the stair nose, and am well satisfied with the look so far.
  9. Started laying floor this AM. Not such a bad chore. Glue is messy, but cleans up with a rag and thinner. I didn't install a vapor barrier. Other floor didn't have one, didn't see a need for it. The floor I am installing is 3/8" thick. Tile was 1/4" so clearance on the slide shouldn't be a problem. Checked clearance on slide, determined it is a go. Placing the Stair Nose around step was very time consuming. The 84" piece I purchased was 4" short. Ordered another ($45.00) this afternoon. 2 weeks before it arrives. Jim, I agree about "sore everything". I did start in the middle and work toward the side. I placed a string equal distance from the wall and started there. By doing this I was sure to get a straight run down the middle. Placed a stop block under the string and pulled the boards up tight to them. I left about 1/4" against the wall. Trim will cover that. This is the first hardwood I have installed. I am learning as I go.
  10. After some serious thought and argument's with the BOH we have decided to tackle replacing the carpet and ceramic tile in our coach. We are going to keep the carpet in the bedroom for the time being. Started by removing all the furniture as possible. Removing the old tile was the toughest task so far. Started with a hammer and wood chisel. Found out quickly that wasn't going to work out, bruised knuckles were the result. I dug out a air chisel that worked very well. Tile all came up in pieces, but at least it's up. Carpet was removed to find there was enough staples holding it down to do at least two more MH's. Got to be a better way, so I drug out the 7" disk grinder. You don't want to know what a mess that made. O K, staples gone, old glue, splinters, and tile ground down smooth. Plans are to do the slide also. I want to trim slide out with Stair Nose, trying to keep it as flush with the floor as possible. Also plan to trim with stair nose around the steps at the door. Now I am ready to start laying hardwood. I have some laying in the flood for BOH approval. Hope to get started gluing it down tomorrow.
  11. Have since done a large amount of troubleshooting, and found out my front screen is bad. Talked to Monaco Tech and he suggested I hook up thru a TV set to verify the system is operational and the screen itself to be bad. Works fine. Now to get the guys at the audio store to supply a screen that will fit the hole in my dash. Thank to all for the assistance.
  12. I did do the "reset" button thing. Didn't help. About to decide there is an problem with the display as you stated. Will try to contact Monaco. Aladdin is no longer. Monaco is no longer. Going to have to fix it, because I have gotten use to it and like the way it works. Thanks for the info.
  13. I have the Aladdin monitoring system in our MH,( 2005 Monaco Exe). The front monitor on the dash will not come on. It is getting current, checked fuse in rear run box, and the small light beside the Jog switch lights up. Still no screen. Radio is in the same unit,( Kenwood) but plays OK. The monitor screen in the bedroom works as it should. Has anyone ran into this problem? What's my next step?
  14. I went to TCI Center, and they took care of everything. 6 new tires, balance, mounting, new stems. Billed my CC. All I had to do was pay one bill. Saved over $100.00 per tire. Good program
  15. Has anyone had any problems getting 295/80-22.5 tires from Michelin? I am going thru a Michelin dealer using the Advantage program, and have requested the 6 tires over a month ago. Still have no idea when they will or if they will arrive. Anyone know something that will help?
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