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  1. Has anyone replaced a 4 door Norcold fridge with a residential fridge and would like to share the brand and model of the residential fridge along with the approximate cost for the entire job including the new fridge -- would appreciate any input and info as I'm getting estimates from $3,000 to $21,000 which seems to me to be very unusual. Thanks, Gary
  2. Yes sir my furnace, duct work and propane detector are all under the fridge
  3. Thanks Jim, I'll look into the Samsung as that was my second choice to LG but I didn't see the RF 19 -- will search again.
  4. We are looking for recommendation for a residential replacement for the 4 door Norcold as ours is also 7 years old and is having issues with cooling some of the time so I would rather do a replacement before it goes bad and get it over with, so any recommendations will be appreciated -- we have a Winnebago Vista 35B and we are looking at using a LG for the replacement as they have several options that are 33 inches wide which is the width of the Norcold and only a few inched taller in height which I believe will work -- the depth is over 27 inches without the door so we will most likely take out the passenger window to get the LG into the RV. Thanks in advance for any recommendations, Gary Galla
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