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  1. You are right Deenad! I just had a tenant in one of our rental houses skip out on their lease 3 months early - and now they are demanding that we return their security deposit when they still owe us rent. Our answer was sure - lets go to court!
  2. I saw this same post on another forum also and I have also been looking at their program too, so my question to you is: IF you didn't pay the payments, why would you expect anything different? The payment plan on the website looks pretty simple to me.......Acc Contract I am also looking for input on the best policy for an older bus conversion and appreciate the education here. JR
  3. Anyone have a suggestion on who is the best companiy for an older bus conversion? Ive been shopping on the internet but the prices are all over the place. In the first 2 months I probable could have already purchased 2 complete extended warranties. This thing is worse than a Sea Ray for repair costs! Thanks JR
  4. I had the same concerns and just picked up a small compressor for $150 from Northern Tool that has a 150lb pressure setting. Most compressors stop at 120lb so I think getting to 110lbs would be much slower.
  5. Hello, We are considering going to the Perry Rally. Is the parking on grass or pavement or both? Thanks, JR
  6. Hello, I have a new-to-me coach that is in need of 4 new house batteries. The original batteries are LifeLine AGM 8D and my questions is: Are they worth the extra cost over other brands of AGM 8D battery? Does anyone have experience using anything else? $3500 to have 4 batteries installed seems excessive!! Thanks for the assistance! JR
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