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  1. I have the same Generator and it is putting out 170 v no load and 134 under a heavy load. The shop replaced the Voltage Regulator twice and it keep failing and doing the same thing. Under further inspection they tell me it is the rotor. Bad new they don't make or stock it anymore. Worse news if you can find one its a $1000 part.
  2. smilnjac

    Rotor Needed

    I have a Onan LPG generator (6300) on a 1999 Harney (Safari) Renegade. After replacing the voltage regulator twice the ONAN shop here tells me I need a new rotor...problem is the part is obsolete no longer in stock. Onan rotor part # 201-3388-S3. If anyone has any ideas where I might find one I'd be most appreciative
  3. 1999 Harney Renegade (Class A) Diesel pusher, Allison 6 speed Transmission (Cat Engine) This coach was later manufactured by Safari for a short period. Went out to take the coach for exercise. Generator started but would not supply power to the coach. With shore power plugged in, engine would not turn over. Forward AC would not start and refrigerator was completely dead. Aft AC is OK. Furnace would not start from forward Thermostat, but would from the rear thermostat. Found I could start the engine by turning on the ignition switch and using the start feature at the rear service panel . Once the engine started, the "check engine lite" and the "do not shift" lite remained illuminated. Checking the automatic Transfer switch I was able to determine power was available to the switch both from shore power and from the Generator, did not know where to check the output. Once the engine started the kwikee entrance steps retracted and will not extend. I attempted to have the coach towed to the shop but the Tow Truck as so enormous they couldn't maneuver in the subdivision. The Allison push button control panel has all the LED segments of the indicator lit, and they stay lit even when ignition switch is off. After consulting with the shop, they said it would be OK to put the tranny in gear and move the coach enough to position to suit the tow truck, when we tried the coach would not go into gear. I really need to get the coach into gear.
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