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  1. I am amazed at the spread in rates in motor home insurance between companies for the same coverage. I have a 2007 Tiffin Allegro Bay valued at $85,000. I have 250/500K Liability 100K Property Damage 5K medical 250/500K Uninsured motorist 250/500 deductible comp/collision. I think fairly standard converge Premiums for one year from 4 different companies are: Allied: $881 (Good Sam) National/General: $981 (FMCA) Progressive: $1378 (USAA) Formost: a whopping $2059
  2. Part of the rework by Freightliner is to install a parking brake pin in the Allison 2000 transmission that engages when the push button drive selected in placed in Park. Then you have to remember to step on the foot actuated replacement parking brake peddle on the left side of the drivers area. Gee, just like the family sedan. Oh and guess what? Remember the service brake recall on the service brakes for this unit? Where the brake pad was dragging on the rotor? Yeah, mine went in for that recall but now it has also failed. So not only do I have a parking brake not working, I have a left rear rotor that has turned blue and the antilock brake switch is a crispy critter. Three weeks in Freightliner-Austin and I am no closer to having my motorhome back than I was when it was towed in in July 10. The total bill before any Freightliner rebates is at $11,000. Questionable as to how much they are going to pay. Having a great Summer! Glad you are not here!
  3. All above is right. No air, All hydraulic. This "fix" came from the Freightliner customer service line. The situation was definitely not new to them so there must be many more Fred's out there with parking brake problems. Freightliner, Austin now has Fred. Will know more Monday and will post results. I have filed and NTIHAS complaint which will probably lead to nothing.
  4. Parking Brake Lockup on Freightliner FRED I have a 2007 Tiffin Allegro Bay on a Freightliner FRED (front engine diesel) chassis. While driving yesterday I noticed a sudden decrease in engine power and the brake light started flashing. Checked service brakes and they were still working OK. Being on a narrow Hill Country Texas 2 lane with no place to pull over, I had to keep driving. Finally found a place to safely stop. When I did I found a heavy brake burning smell and smoke coming from the area of the rear of the transmission. After calling Freightliner Customer service and explaining the problem, they immediately knew what the problem was. The parking brake (PB) is a spring actuated band that clamps around a disk located on the driveshaft immediately behind the transmission and is automatically actuated when shifting into park. This band is held open by hydraulic pressure when the transmission is shifted out of park into a drive gear. Something broke and stopped the hydraulic pressure so the spring actuated band closed on the drive shaft disk, effectively applying the parking brake while I was driving. Solution: A 60 mile tow to Freightliner Austin for repairs. Oh, it gets better. The broken parts are no longer available (This is a 2007 Freightliner Chassis) so the transmission gets pulled, the entire parking brake assembly is removed and replaced by a mechanical PB setup and a foot actuated pedal is installed in the drivers compartment. Like a passenger car. So now, apparently, shifting into park will be the same as neutral with no braking action and I have to remember to manually set the new PB by pressing down the foot pedal. Yeah, this ought to be fun, having to remember to set a manual parking brake every time I stop and release it before moving. Freightliner is supposed to supply the parts but guess who gets to pay for the labor? R&R of a transmission, R&R of a parking brake assembly and blacksmithing a foot peddle in a space not designed for a foot pedal. Will update when I find out that this disaster cost me.
  5. I get 8.5 on my Tiffin Allegro Bay FRED 37 ft towing a 3500 lb Saturn Vue. I run at 1950 RPM on the Cummins ISB 6.7 engine which is 62 MPH. Previously I towed a 16,000 lb 5th wheel with a 2006 Dodge 3500 dully. I added the Banks Power Economind and went from 8-10 up to 10-12 towing @ 1900 RPM and 14-16 up to 22 running solo in the freeway at 70 MPH. Considering adding the same to my Allegro Bay. The add on paid for its self on the Dodge Truck.
  6. I have a 2007 Allegro Bay 37 QDB FRED. In the service bay just in front of the door there is a 12VDC 30A breaker labeled " Battery Fuse Block Breaker". One input wire and three output wires. This breaker provides power to the non-ignition controlled fused outputs located in the dash fuse block and to the dash mounted AC fan. All is good until I turn the dash AC fan on high. A few minutes later this breaker trips. No problem running the fan on low-medium, just when I set to high. Then its "pull over, open the bay and reset the breaker by pushing the little black buttons on the end". This is South Central Texas! I need to be able to run the fan on high! Is this breaker defective and tripping too soon? (As it runs for a while it obviously is not a short) or do I need to split the output load with 2 20A breakers or replace it with a 40Amp? All constructive input appreciated!
  7. I just went through the gyrations of connecting my Coleman Roadtrip grill to my on board motorhome LP tank. First, if your grill has a regulator you must connect to the tank upstream of the RV regulator. It will NOT work if you route through two regulators. Install a "T" fitting between the tank and the RV regulator. Next you need a quick connect fitting. The Mr. Heater(MH) F276190, Camping World (CW) #30334. You will probably need a male to male nipple between the "T" and the quick disconnect. Next you need a hose. I used the 15' MH F271474 CW ?????. Screw the male end of the quick disconnect on one end and throwaway tank adapter MR F276140 CW 67311 on the other. Camping World sells a premade hose with a quick disconnect on one end and a throw away adapter on the other. DO NOT BUY!!! The male quick disconnect end is NOT compatible with the MH quick disconnect adapter. It is also made by Mr. Heater but will NOT work. I learned the hard way. This setup should work for any LP appliance that has its own regulator. REMEMBER, Never connect a LP appliance that does NOT have a regulator to the high pressure side of your tank. You must have one regulator between the tank and the appliance BUT NOT TWO! Happy Grilling!.
  8. I had to get a Class A (non-CDL) several years ago for my 38 ft Alpenlite 5th wheel to be legal. 28K lb total with truck. Now have an Allegro Bay @26K but plan to keep my Class A even though I don't technically need it. Have renewed it once. Can't do so on line as you can a Class C. Had to go to DMV so they could determine that I can still see! Other than standing in line no big hassle in renewing.
  9. I recently purchased an Allegro Bay FRED equipped with Atwood Levelegs. First time out when I retracted them, all physically retracted; however the system "saw" one as still being extended. I called the CoachNet tech support and we tried a few things to no avail. Saw $$$ in front of my eyes taking it to a service dealer but decided to call Atwood @ 574-264-2131. After wending my way through the sub-menus I spoke with a service tech named Linda. She walked me through resetting the system with precise instructions that were easily understood. Everything is now working and no service fee from a dealer. Atwood Tech Service is GREAT! Do not hesitate to call if you have an Atwood problem. Other RV product mfgs. should emulate them.
  10. I have personally seen two coaches with the 3M front "invisible mask". On both it had been installed 8-10 years ago. It was a God-awful mess. Cracked, yellowed and ugly and impossible to remove. Decal remover would not budge it, heat would not soften it and it laughed at a pressure washer. One owner decided to just live with it, the other had color matched Rhino-Coat bed lined sprayed overt it at a cost around $3000.00. Oh 3M's answer? Its out of warranty, sorry!
  11. Just finished a frustrating hunt for a dash mat for my Allegro Bay. Covers by Jose only provides a flat piece of carpet cut to fit the dash but NO cutouts. Defroster vents, glove box, fuse access panel? Cut them yourself. Don't think so. Wade RV wants you to bring your RV to Florida. From Texas, not happening. RV toy store does not answer their phone or return voice messages. Strike three! Any one have any other ideas?
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