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  1. Changing the topic but I just wanted to say thank all of you for your questions and comments. They are all interesting and I’ve been reading them for years. I don’t have much to comment on or much less offer advice but you all seem to have a wealth of information. Thanks to the forum also for keeping the Hermanmullins name line.
  2. mable

    New tires

    Thanks again for the comments regarding Yellowstone. We will be leaving Saturday and going to Rapid City and staying at Ellsworth AFB for a few days then on to Gardiner, Mt which is north of the North Gate. We have been checking the Yellowstone web site daily and things look good. We hope to go rafting and I bet the water will be cold. We have reservations at a park in Gardiner for the 11th to the 18th. I love that area. That is how I got drafted in 1965. I dropped out of college in Chicago in 1964 to work on a 40,000 acre cattle ranch SE of Billings and so much fun I didn’t return to Chicago until Christmas.I lost my school deferment and wound up in the Army. Twenty seven years later retired as a LTC..
  3. mable

    New tires

    Thanks for all the replies. I wound up with the Goodyears, balanced and installed for $4100..That was the best price I could find. Thanks again. We are heading out to Yellowstone on 1 Jun. Meandering our way up to Rapid City and are checking in just north of the North gate of Yellowstone in Gardiner Mt for a week..
  4. mable

    New tires

    I’m getting new tires for my Fleetwood Providence 40 K 2011. I’ve gotten the choices down to two. Six balanced and installed Michelin 275/70R22.5. X I Z. FOR $5000.00. Manufacture date unknown at this time. Or, six balanced and installed Goodyear 275/70R22.5. RV MRT for $4100. Manufacture date June22. I’m in a western suburb of Chicago. Opinions and suggestions please.I know the warranty starts on date of installation..Does sitting in a warehouse for a year make a difference other than ‘not new’..I’m 80 years old and probably won’t be running out the warranty.
  5. You can easily spend a week. If at all possible get to the bottom,hike if you can or take a mule.
  6. I have a 2002 Pace Arrow that I bought used about 10 years and live in the western suburbs of Chicago. I store the RV in an outdoor storage lot and this year I started thinking about raising the coach on its jacks to take the weight off the tires in sub-zero weather and if I would/should do that , what should I spray on the jack cylinder?
  7. With all the bad news lately, I though that I would share some of my own and give you all something to laugh at. Yesterday I brought my 2002 Pace Arrow to my house from storage to clean and replace the fresh water. I hooked up the hose, turned the water on and starting cleaning and moving things into the house. While inside I got a cup of coffee and relaxed for a minute and then went back outside to find water coming out from under the RV. I thought it was coming from the overflow and thought "wow" that was fast. WRONG...I had hooked up the hose to the Blackwater spray washer and it filled and backed up and overflowed the toilet. Lots of screaming and cussing and now lots of cleaning and scrubbing.
  8. About four years ago I had the same problem refrigerator would not get cold,freezer was fine. It was determined that the door seals were bad. The problem is that you can't replace just the seals, you have to replace the entire door which was very expensive. I was still covered on an extended warranty and for about $700.00 I replaced the entire unit.
  9. Hi...If you happen to be retired military or otherwise qualified, Great Lake Navy Station has beautiful right on the beach just north of Chicago with excellent train transportation. West of Chicago in North Elgin is a county forest preserve (Paul Wolfe campground) A beautiful place and safe to return to after a day of sightseeing. Excellent FRY and train connections. Feel free to contact me @ singlesix1973@att.net.
  10. Thank you all for the replies. We decided to just have thePost Office forward it. Thanks again
  11. Hi all and a Happy New Year. We are getting ready to leave the Chicago area soon and head down to Florida for about six weeks. Can anyone give me any input on using a Co. called 'Dakotapost' for mail forwarding. Any comments or other recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the replies.I have been with USAA since 1966 and very satisfied. I have a 2002 Pace Arrow with USAA along with 3 vehicles and roadside assistance. Never gave it a second thought until I started readind about all the conflicts that people have with the other co's. I called USAA about roadside assistance and they said not to worry...I won't. Thanks all
  13. Hi, I can't find any old comments so I'll ask: Does anyone have any experience with the roadside assistance provided by USAA? Thanks. Bob
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