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  1. has this issue been resolved? most of this discussion was from 2021 and one message implied FMCA was working on it. Every member should get a plate or two they are pround to display.
  2. Hi folks, I'm planning a trip to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis MO for next year in May 2023. We are driving a 35' motorhome and I was wondering if you folks have any suggestions on parking near the park. On an older thread on another forum, someone suggested parking south of Poplar Dr. on Sullivan Blvd (becomes S. Wharf st) along the river, but this was an old thread, and I was wondering if this is still possible. Our 2nd option would be to park further away and take an Uber/Lift/shuttle, etc to the park, but a slight complication is that my wife uses an electric scooter (that breaks down into pieces). I know, thats why most of you have a towd, but we wont have one on this trip.Thanks for any suggestions you can provide.--Chris G.
  3. how about using the extensions to just go horizontally away from your coach?
  4. agreed, this site has lots of good information on the campgrounds. iv also heard of people using Google earth to look over a campground to see if the sites and roads are big rig friendly.
  5. nice! glad it was a simple fix!
  6. i would try multiple sites: craigslist.org rvtrader.com rvt.com lots of good pictures and description of upgrades & repairs you've done. my last one sold from an ad on Craigslist. this is the cheapest option and you will get local buyers, whereas the other sites will produce more out of state buyers. you can also look for consignment lots in your area. i sold another motorhome that way, and it was very easy. good luck.
  7. here is how ours is installed... chris g.
  8. i know what Elkhartjim is talking about. at one time, every thread at the bottom of the forums was dealing with the at&t issues.
  9. maybe stupid question,but how are your house batteries, charged and turned on? also, have you checked wiring harnesses in the system for loose or frayed wires, or bad ground?
  10. yes, Fleetwood has been very helpful for me in the past, even for my very old 1989 Southwind. -chris
  11. recently had some problems with my house batteries discharging too quiclky. i took both to my local parts store and one tested fine, but the other tested bad. should i replace both or just the bad one? they both are not too old, with a sticker from 2019. if it matters, this is a 2003 Dolphin on the Workhorse chassis. thanks, chris g.
  12. i agree with several of the last comments, that articles like that make good headlines,but are lacking on good solid information. The first time i saw the phrase "china bomb" tires,it was an article posted on social media, and was talking about "RV tires", but took me 2/3rds of the way through the article before it specified it was talking about trailer tires.it probably uneccesarily scared a few motorhome owners with its content.
  13. it also depends on what you do in each park. will you just stop at the visitor center, or will you spend a day or two hiking the trails in the parks? some are good for "just a day" like Great Sand Dunes", and Floressent Fossle Beds, but some like Rocky Mountain Nat. Park , could take several days to explore. then there are others like Yucca House that will only take an hour at most. you will hit a large number of parks, weather you go south first or head straight through Colorado. Do you collect the National Park Passport stamps? it's a great way to track your visits. regards, Chris g.
  14. I currently live in a state that does not require a special license for larger RVs (specifically, motorhomes over 26,000 lbs). i know some states require a class A or B CDL for these vehicles. Do you think these are good regulations, or not necessary? If you have had to get one of these licenses, did it encourage you to operate your vehicle more safely? I have a chance to mention this to my representative, but wanted to see if you folks feel laws like this are a good or bad idea. thanks, Chris g.
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