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  1. Just like Rayin said, other clubs and organizations such as Good Sam, Escapees, AIM and others are basically competing clubs. KOA is an organizarion that runs its own campgrounds and RV parks, and want you to join their membership so you will stay at their parks. none of these have any interest in working with FMCA to offer discounts. A few RV parks do offer a discount to FMCA members, especially if they are a Commercial member of FMCA.
  2. fyi, this May, we will be taking a trip in our MH with my in-laws and my adult children. i checked with FMCA to see if FMCAssist would cover everyone, but it only covers the member and spouse. i decided to sign up with Good Sams platnum emergency medical service which coveres everyone.
  3. I was almost ejected from my motorhome when i told my wife that it wasnt the pants she was wearing that made her look fat! Its great he survived and is doing as well as he is.
  4. We will be making a 12 day trip from Colo. to Ohio and back in May 2024. My wifes parents will be along as well as my adult sons. Does anyone know if extended family members would be covered by FMACassist while traveling with us, or does it only cover myself and my wife? Thanks, Chris G.
  5. in many states, they have "keep right, except to pass" laws. i wonder how strictly enforced they are if the right lane conditions are bad?
  6. So, earlier this year, we did a round trip from Denver, down to FL and back. lots of great places to see in between there, on our southern route on the way back, we visited Ft. Pickens NP in Pensecola. there is a nice campground in the park you can stay at with hookups. As you head north, you could stop by Vicksburg NP and also the Nachez Trace Pkwy. Then, maybe in Oklahoma City, stop by the Oklahoma City Memorial. then, on the western edge of OK, check out Washita Battlefields and right after that, go to the Sand Creek massare in Colorado (they really tie together). From there, you could head north to Rocky Mountain NP, and then go to any NPs you want to see in WY.
  7. several years ago, we stayed at the Bay Bridge campground in Yellowstone. although there are no hookups here, we were very comfortable with our 33' motorhome. we had a herd of bison come through the campground while we ate dinner. Very enjoyable!
  8. on my first motorhome, it didnt have a bypass, so i would drain the WH and then get about 7 gallons of the pink stuff and fill the WH with it, as well as run it through the rest of the system. i then drained the WH and recovered the antifreeze to reuse it the next year.
  9. One other story is not really medical assistance, but FMCA being FMCA. in the early 1980s, my father was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. at the national convention in Soux Falls SD, he suffered a breakdown and was hospitalized. 3 FMCA families volunteered to drive his 1957 Fitzjohn bus back to Denver, bringing me and my teenage sister back home as well. They drove all night, and expertly parked his bus in its spot in Denver and dropped us off at my moms home in Golden. Not sure you could get that kind of support from any other group.
  10. You will hear advice on both sides of the compressed air/antifreeze topic. I'm on the antifreeze side, since i sleep better at night when i see that pink stuff come out of each faucet. I never have noticed an aftertaste once i flush the system in the spring.
  11. Bill, i know how you feel! we used to be able to store our coach accross the street from our house on my neighbors property (for free), but she passed on in June, so i had to find RV storage. the best one i could find, that didn't look like a partial junkyard was 15 miles away. Now i have to make a concerted effort when ever i want to make a trip to the RV. --chris
  12. I am conflicted regarding Micheline tires. I do believe that if you buy Micheline RV tires, they may have special compounds that help them last longer for RVs that sit for long periods of time. When I was on a very tight budget, i got a set of Michelins to go almost 10 years before I replaced them, and they still did not have any cracking (i know, not really safe to go that long). Conversely, my most recent set of tires were PrinX tires and I got a set of 6 for $1,800.00. when i bought 6 Michlines about 3 years before, they were $3,700.00 with the FMCA discount. With this math, you could come to the conclusion that I could replace the no-name tires twice as frequently, and still come out ahead. just my 2 cents.
  13. sorry about your mechanical issue, and problem with RR. Keep in mind with all these roadside assistance programs, they have a "network" of service providers they can call, but sometimes they cant or wont be able to provide service. im guessing the company you called was not in their network. I'd suggest you send a copy of the tow bill to RR and see if you can get a reimbursement for your costs.
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