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  1. Update: its been found. est $60,000.00 in damage... https://www.cbsnews.com/colorado/news/lakewood-motorhome-rv-stolen-damaged-storelocal/?KCNC_LHA_OTM
  2. its not mine Bill, so i have no idea about insurance. just shared the article since I saw it on my local news. --chris g.
  3. Wow, if you can't keep a motorhome safe behind a gate and locked in a garage with a security system, how are any of us safe? 2018 Tiffen, if anyone is keeping an eye out for it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbsnews.com/amp/colorado/news/lakewood-mans-rv-stolen-motor-home-retirement-dreams/
  4. as far as the height issue, i have yet tocome accross a gas station roof too low for my Class A's. You might be extra cautious at older stations, but most newer stations are well over 13' high. it can never hurt to stop and take a look as you get close, if you have any doubts.
  5. I'm not sure how helpful this is, but 20 years ago, when going through finantial hardship from losing my job, i took our first motorhome to a consignment lot. I let them know what i owed on it and that i needed to get at least that much for the sale. It sat there for about 8 months, but ultimately it was reposessed. The process was easy and they were helpful cleaning the coach and getting it ready for sale.
  6. Interesting vehicle, and amazing that it's all original, but the article is annoying since it keeps calling it a "motorhome"
  7. We are about 5 years away from retiring and going full time in our motorhome. We are in the planning stages for this phase of our life, but I like planning far ahead. I'm just curious what other folks plan on doing once they realize they can no longer drive their RV. Do you have a sticks and bricks home to move back into? are you renting it out now? Will you park your RV and continue to live in it? do you have a plot of land or RV space already purchased? thanks, chris
  8. Outside of FMCA, you can try the Upside app. at certain gas stations, you can get up to $.25/gallon back. i've used it for my regular cars for about 8 months now and have built up a balance of $83.00. it also gives you cash back at some restarunts too.
  9. i just finished covering my 35' Dolphin for the 2nd time since i bought it. Anything i can do to protect the roof and the graphics from fading is ok by me. my son helped me lift the cover up, then did the rest by myself. i like this cover since its easy to install, and has zippers to allow access to inside the coach and the ladder.
  10. Bill gave you a good list to choose from. may i also suggest this site too: https://tripwizard.rvlife.com/ it is owned by the same company that does rvparkreviews aka campgroundreviews. very good info at both sites. --chris g.
  11. has this issue been resolved? most of this discussion was from 2021 and one message implied FMCA was working on it. Every member should get a plate or two they are pround to display.
  12. Hi folks, I'm planning a trip to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis MO for next year in May 2023. We are driving a 35' motorhome and I was wondering if you folks have any suggestions on parking near the park. On an older thread on another forum, someone suggested parking south of Poplar Dr. on Sullivan Blvd (becomes S. Wharf st) along the river, but this was an old thread, and I was wondering if this is still possible. Our 2nd option would be to park further away and take an Uber/Lift/shuttle, etc to the park, but a slight complication is that my wife uses an electric scooter (that breaks down into pieces). I know, thats why most of you have a towd, but we wont have one on this trip.Thanks for any suggestions you can provide.--Chris G.
  13. how about using the extensions to just go horizontally away from your coach?
  14. agreed, this site has lots of good information on the campgrounds. iv also heard of people using Google earth to look over a campground to see if the sites and roads are big rig friendly.
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