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  1. can you get to the starter and hit it with a hammer? this might free it. could be lots of other things. low batteries? bad electrical connections?
  2. when chosing any RV, the interior configuration should be as much a priority as the engine/chassis. Does it have enough room to accomodate you and any guests that will come with you? Are there enough good seats to watch the TV? do you like the couch, the 'fridge, the bathrooms, etc.
  3. Hmm, i never came accross that issue, but i can see that could happen. have you thought about having a couple of 2x6 planks put together with some rebar stuck through the bottom that you could drive into the ground on soft surfaces. Think this might stabilize them enough?
  4. I did a quick search on "portable leveling jacks", but everthing i came accross were for trailers. what is your need for them? do you want to stabilize the coach when parked to prevent rocking, or do you want to ease the process if leveling when you arrive. The trailer ones might help with stabilization, but i think they are too light weight to lift a corner or side of a class C to help with leveling. in that case, i would look into getting a system designed for motorhomes such as a system from Lippert or Power gear. fyi, i leveled 2 different class A motirhomes over 15 years with just blocks under the wheels.
  5. if you are talking about just road conditions (potholes, ruts, damaged expansion joints, etc), i'd suggest taking the I-80 route. I-70 isn't b⁹ad all the way through Kansas, but once you get to Colorado, its got some areas of road damage that make it rough for about 60 miles. Thats embarrassing, since Im from Colorado. Unfortunately, if you skip I-70, You will miss some of the most beautiful country you will ever see through the Colorado mountains. Its really worth it if you dont mind some of the bad roads on the eastern plains.
  6. I have never had one, but from everything i've read, if you take the $$ you would be paying each month to the extended warrenty company, and put it in a savings account for RV repairs, you would come out ahead.
  7. hmmm, when i called FMCA, the person I talked to said FMCAssist only covered the member and their spouse. They said my parents in law could get a seperate membership if they wanted the coverage and list my motorhome as the qualifying RV.
  8. I got the Good sam one because it coveres everone traveling with you. Our next big trip will have my wifes parents and my adult sons. FMCA only covers the member and spouse.
  9. i would also ask yourself, "what are you getting out of the tour, that you can't get out of roughly following the same itinerary, and visiting at your own pace"? I'm not knocking the tours, just that you already own an RV and have the flexibility to go where you want, when you want.
  10. interesting, thanks for letting us know!
  11. Just like Rayin said, other clubs and organizations such as Good Sam, Escapees, AIM and others are basically competing clubs. KOA is an organizarion that runs its own campgrounds and RV parks, and want you to join their membership so you will stay at their parks. none of these have any interest in working with FMCA to offer discounts. A few RV parks do offer a discount to FMCA members, especially if they are a Commercial member of FMCA.
  12. fyi, this May, we will be taking a trip in our MH with my in-laws and my adult children. i checked with FMCA to see if FMCAssist would cover everyone, but it only covers the member and spouse. i decided to sign up with Good Sams platnum emergency medical service which coveres everyone.
  13. I was almost ejected from my motorhome when i told my wife that it wasnt the pants she was wearing that made her look fat! Its great he survived and is doing as well as he is.
  14. We will be making a 12 day trip from Colo. to Ohio and back in May 2024. My wifes parents will be along as well as my adult sons. Does anyone know if extended family members would be covered by FMACassist while traveling with us, or does it only cover myself and my wife? Thanks, Chris G.
  15. in many states, they have "keep right, except to pass" laws. i wonder how strictly enforced they are if the right lane conditions are bad?
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