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  1. aztec7fan

    Gas or Diesel

    My quick thoughts are: Diesels have more power, and are quiet to drive since the engine is in the back, but repairs are much more expensive. Gas units have less power, but are easier and cheaper to maintain. I prefer gas units (i've had 3), since i do a lot of maintenance myself, and parts are easily obtainable.
  2. Looks to get mostly good reviews: https://campgrounds.rvlife.com/regions/florida/bushnell/sumter-oaks-rv-park-escapees-rainbow-park-6151
  3. 8 states, 8 campgrounds, 4 nights boondocking, approx 4,000 miles on the RV, and another 1500 traveling by car. Visited 9 national parks and spent 10 days with relatives. Several weekend trips to the mountains too.
  4. Go to your nearest rv supply store and get a "flush king", or similar flushing device that hooks to the drain in the wet bay, and allows you to force water back into the holding tank(s). It worked for me when my gray water tank was clogged from a previous owner. It may take several flushes to clear the clog and clean out the tank. Be sure and have someone monitor the toilet to make sure you are not overflowing in that area.
  5. A couple of things: check the age and condition of your house batteries and engine battery. Bad batteries can cause a host of problems, even if you are plugged in. While there, check the battery cables for corrosion and tightness. If the batteries and connections there are good, start tracing where you do have power and where you dont. Having a multimeter will help alot when doing this troubleshooting. Also, start looking for, and checking circuit breakers, fuses, and any evidence of wire damage from rubbing or rodents. Also check the GFCI outlets (bathroom, kitchen) to see if they need to be reset. Join as many Fleetwood groups as you can on Facebook, iRV2.com and elsewhere. They may have wiring diagrams, manuals, and troubleshooting tips for coaches very similar to yours.
  6. Mine is 11'8". Climbed up and measured it a few days after i bought it. Committed that figure to memory right away.
  7. I know in Colorado, chains are required to be carried from Sept 1st to may 31st. I did some quick googling, but couldnt find any date restrictions in utah, california or wyoming. Chains are relatively cheap. I always carry a set with me in my motorhome as well as spider bungie cords. Haven't had to use them yet, but there have been a few times i thought i might need them.
  8. Up until february this year, i had a 1989 Southwind, and before that, a 1991 Allegro bay. Never had any problems at any campground with older coaches.
  9. In the RV section of the forum, all types of RVs are covered in their own sections, except slide-in truck campers and pop-up trailers. Is this intentional, or an oversite?
  10. One thing to also check is the fan clutch. If this device is stuck in the on position, it will add a sigificant amount of noise from the engine. I had it happen more than once on my chevy chassis motorhomes. It should only come on when the engine needs additional cooling such as climbing hills and slow traffic.
  11. I cant comment too much on the price since ive never had a shop do that extensive work on my motorhome (yet). I also have a 2003 class A motorhome (National Dolphin on the Workhorse chassis). I can tell you i recently had one of my rear hub seals replaced which came to $167.00, and he did a brake inspection for free. I also had the front shocks replaced for $550.00, and i recieved a quote to replace the front leaf springs (one is weak enough it sometimes hits the bump stop) for $2,500.00. I need to wait on that until i get enough $$ for it. I agree with previous quotes that you should maybe look at the worn/damaged parts, possibly before the repair is done. That way, maybe you can confirm that the work is necessary, and keep the mechanic honest. -chris g.
  12. 'Course, this thread reminds me of the song Wolf Creek Pass by C.W. McCall: Well, Earl grabbed on the shifter And he stabbed her into fifth gear And then the chromium plated Fully illuminated Genuine accessory shift knob Come right off in his hand I says, "You wanna screw that thing back on, Earl?" He was tryin' to thread it on there When the fire fell off a' his cigar And dropped on down Sorta rolled around And then lit in the cuff of Earl's pants And burned a hole in his sock Yeah, sorta set him right on fire
  13. Ever since we upgraded to our 2003 Dolphin, ive really come to enjoy most of tye National products. Too bad they went out of business. Welcome to FMCA
  14. What's everybody doing this weekend? We're in the Walmart parking lot in Salida, CO tonight, and will be in the Sugarloafin' campground in Lwadvill CO for the next 3 days. Regards, Chris
  15. We have taken tge Lake powell boat tour a couple of times, and found it fun and informative. Haven't taken any others, but when you're at Grand Canyon, be sure to take the red shuttle which takes you to many more view sites. Try to take it early in the morning.
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