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  1. My son's jeep. This is us fishing at Barr Lake last weekend.
  2. Just FYI, for a good list of RV service facilities, I'd suggest checking this site: http://rvservicereviews.com/RVServiceMobile/Index.asp?width=412
  3. Also make sure you are looking at as many sources as possible: Rvtrader.com Rvt.com Craigslist.org Facebook marketplace Ebay.com Nextdoor Also check the inventory of local rv stores.
  4. I don't think there will me many upgrades you will need for a while. You can always add accessories like solar panels, outside lighting, who knows what? Since you've already been RVing, you know what is important to you when camping/traveling. Duplicate that "stuff" first, then start thinking what is different about the motorhome. Tools and spare parts might be important, depending on your mechanical ability. You will need to concentrate much more on your tires, their age, condition, and inflation. Check them cold before each trip. Weigh your coach to make sure the tires are inflated properly for your weight. Most important, take time to enjoy your new purchase!
  5. Thanks tireman. I have checked the spacing in the duals, and they look "ok", but I can't confirm if it's a full inch. I'll have to measure it this weekend. The Rv was loaded for a short weekend trip. The fresh water and holding tanks were all about 1/3 full, and fuel was full. Most of our usual "stuff" was loaded, so I would say the weight was typical of most of our trips.
  6. At the parks, does anyone in your family collect the National Park Passport Stamps? It adds a lot of fun for kids and adults and creates a dated record of your visits to look back at. See photo.
  7. I realize this is a post from last year, but thought I'd comment. Removing the dinette will improve usability for you folks, but may reduce the re-sale value down the road. We just upgraded to a newer unit, but as we were searching, we eliminated any coaches without a dinette. We still have guests who may travel with us at times, and the extra sleeping area is important to us. Just my 2 cents.
  8. I agree with wildbill on several of the apps he suggests. Especially campgroundreviews.com (formerly rvparkreviews). Lots of great reviews, and they are paired with the rvlife app which can offer more info, like showing campgrounds along your route.
  9. I suspect you will need to purchase it during the week, so you can go to the DMV in purchase state to show the title and bill of sale and maybe your auto insurance (call your insurance with the vin #) to get a temp tag in that state. You will still need to title and register it in your home state and pay state/county taxes on the purchase. I purchased out of state, but from a dealer, and they got me the temp tag onsite.
  10. Yes, any trips we plan, we start with the paper rand McNally map. We only use the GPS to see if there are any delays and for estimated drive time and milage.
  11. I can't speak on the diesel portion of your post, since we prefer gas units, but I certainly agree with the other posts that layout is the most important thing. We just purchased a 2003 Dolphin, and probably looked at several thousand coaches (online), before falling in love with this unit. We really wanted the corner sink and the full dinette and sleeper couch to have enough room for our kids and/or guests to sleep when they stayed with us. We also love the hard shower and bedroom doors (no curtains).
  12. On the western side, you might try the Jefferson County fairgrounds. They have a campground with hookups as well. There is also standley lake park with rv sites and no hookups. Otherwise, you might just want to Google rv storage in the area and see what you get. Good luck Chris.
  13. Rayin, so what are your thoughts on the current axel weights (sorry no corner weights) on my motorhome and the specifications on the Prinx tire chart. Would you say these tires are under-rated and/or I am over-loaded for these tires given the current weight? Also, at this current weight, my thought is to continue to inflate to max pressure of 130psi. Thanks for allowing me to keep picking your brain(s). Regards, Chris G.
  14. Extended warranties are seldom worth it. A good roadside assistance will have more benefit.
  15. Thanks everyone for the replies and info! I think I learned more about these inflation tables, but can I verify something? So if your corner weight is near the max load for the tire, you should inflate to max pressure, but if your weight is at 75% of max load, you should inflate to 75-80% of max pressure? Is that essentially correct? Thanks, Chris
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