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  1. I've had it happen before on two different jeeps. Start simply: Rotate the tires or replace tires if they are getting low on tread. Also have the alignment checked. Finally, also have a tire person look at the rims and look for a bent rim. If none of this solves it, finally have a mechanic look at suspension, tye-rods, etc.
  2. I've had the fan clutch on our front engine gasser go out several times in the last few years. I've gotten really good at replacing them. Never had a catastrophic failure like your. Mine just stopped working, or start squeeling badly. I also got mine at oreilies with a lifetime warrenty so just swapped it out last week on a weekend getaway to the mountains at no cost.
  3. So , I got an email recently regarding a "health insurance" benifit from FMCA. I read with interest what it might cover, but all online info was very limited on specifics. The one thing that stood out was that at the bottom of the info, it said it was not a major medical plan, and not a replacement for regular health insurance. Why can't FMCA look into working with a provider to supply a discount to full major medical insurance for us who are too young for Medicare and medicaid? Chris
  4. Does anyone have a set of FMCA magazines from this time period that would list vehicles that can be flat-towed?
  5. When driving my 32' gas southwind, my wife yells at me alot. I don't think it's the engine noise, though.
  6. Me too! I love the flexibility to be able to cook on gas while boondocking. Also have 4 burners, and I've used up to 3 at one time.
  7. You might also want to try Prospect RV Park. http://prospectrv.com/?utm_source=rvparkreviews.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=RVLife_Campgrounds It's in Wheat Ridge, which is a suburb of Denver, but is close to I-70 and the main city. I've never stayed there myself, but it seems to get pretty good reviews. The clear Creek RV park is pleasant, since it's right next to the river, and parks, and Golden, which is a nice small town, but it can be considered crowded depending on the size of your rig. Dakota ridge is ok, but it gets mixed reviews since it's pricy, and some sites are small. Chris g. Westminster, CO
  8. We have a 1989 32' southwind. In the Sacramento area we visited relatives, went to Muir Woods NP, pier 39, and Alcatraz island.
  9. Bill, fyi, many people do travel in motorhomes without a toad. We just went from Denver to Sacramento and back on spring break (late March), with no car. Actually never traveled with one. For the RP, I would take everyone's advice about not driving 15 hours at one shot. Motorhome traveling is more leisurely and relaxed, than traveling in a car, where you "just want to get to your destination"
  10. Http://www.RVParkreviews.com Is a very useful website. Use it almost every vacation.
  11. Had a less than stellar experience with the Roadside assistance from FMCA a few months ago. My motorhome is parked accross the street from my house and I found a flat tire one morning. I figured out the valve extension came loose, frayed, and the tire lost air. I called to have the tire swapped out with my mounted spare. When the tech came out, he didn't have the right size socket for my lugs (1"). Lucky I had one, and a good sized extension. Then, he couldn't get his jack under the coach, so I engaged the leveler on that side to raise it. Together, we got the tire swapped, but it was obvious he wasn't prepared for the work involved. Btw, this is in the Denver metro area. What if I was in the middle of nowhere?
  12. I view the website on my Android phone. The site used to show links to some of the popular or latest topics on the forum on the main page, but these are no longer there? Any reasoning why this easy access has disappeared?
  13. We also like staying in Cutty's resort, east of Salida, also on US. 50. Beautiful sites in the trees, and lots of activities for the kids and us adults. Two pools, basketball, tennis, mini golf, dinner on Saturdays, and breakfast on Sundays. Chris g. F3508s
  14. Well, one year later, guess what..... http://www.greenmatters.com/news/2018/05/02/Z1NhQY6/winnebago-electric-motorhome
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