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  1. Try FMCA Insurance, www.fmcarvinsurance.com they represent several companies and saved me some money two years ago.
  2. I just used the glass program, the adjuster questioned why I specified that company since they were more expensive. The promotion of one year of FMCA dues payment did not appear on my account so I called them. Apparently they send a notice to FMCA to bill them for the dues when the next payment is due. That will be in 2025 so I may not benefit from it.
  3. Looking at membership losses, there appears to be two reasons for that. First, the dues increase caused several of our members to not renew. Many older long term members that no longer RV but wish to keep in touch with club friends are being priced out. I miss the connection to them through the club. The second reason is that for various reasons, they don't perceive the benefit of FMCAssist as worth the higher cost of the membership, either because they choose a different plan or they seldom travel far from home. There are less expensive alternative clubs. Escapees are gaining members including younger members through their Xscapers group designed for working Rvers. They also have the tire, insurance and campground discounts. Also, they aggressively opposed the shutdown of RV parks including asking members to contact their legislature. Many Manufacturer clubs such as WIT, DOAI, and Entegra Owners remain very active. The point being there are many alternatives to FMCA and it needs to be priced competitively too grow, Possibly an “Associate Member” status could be given at a reduced rate without the costly benefits or right to vote, but the ability to participate in rally's.
  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of motorhomes and the FMCA family! You will have fun fun fun at the rally in Elkhorn. We have a lot of seminars scheduled that will teach you the ins and outs of maintaining your rig. There are also creative crafts, delicious breakfasts, great entertainment, worship services, vendors galore. A car is not necessary but handy if you would want to go to Super Wal-Mart for supplies or go out to eat at one of the local restarants.
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