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  1. Seems to be many possible options based on where you are. My question is can the tire weight scale be purchased or are they too costly?
  2. I fell behind on this. So the wife made a decision As they always seem to do. We are retiring part time to the Philippines (6 - 8 months a year) and part time over here on the road. We have a house there now so will be comfortable. It will give us a chance to travel around Asia at our own pace for a couple years. Thanks for all the insight and great recommendation. I personally liked the Corpus and San Antonio ideas. I've been to each city a few times as well as the Killeen area.
  3. I appreciate the detailed response about the weight and tail wagging. Is that because of the weight or the length? Also I guess you don't like tubular frames. Is it the rust issue or something else? The difference is about 200 lbs per 2 ft extra. so total weight of car and a 24' trailer is 8300 lbs, 22' will be 8100 lbs, and a 20' will be 7900 lbs. Those weights are based on a V-nose model with 2" x 6" tubular frame. Not sure if the I-beam is a lighter weight frame or not. Right now i'm leaning toward a 22' for a little extra room for the 2 bikes (pedal kind), and a couple lounge chairs, folding table, etc. I know weight adds up fast but doubt I will go over 600 or 700 extra pounds. But I'm still on the fence and undecided on the two types of frames. I know rust is an issue with a tubular frame if not properly sealed although it is slightly stronger than an I-beam frame. I am hoping more folks with both will weigh in on both options.
  4. The car I'm hauling is a 2007 MB ML350. It weighs in at 4700 lbs and is just short of 16' long. She will fit between the tire wells of an 8.5 wide car hauler. We are still wavering between a 20', 22', and a 24' enclosed car hauler.
  5. Hello All, I have a question about the two main car trailer frames you see on most enclosed car trailers. I have been looking and mostly you see either a 6" I-beam frame or a 2"x6" tube frame. I have read on an engineering site that the tube frame slightly edges the I-beam frame in overall strength. The issues with a tube frame are mainly rusting from inside out if moisture gets into it and if you bolt through it the tube can collapse (also can help moisture get in). The I-beam frame can twist or bend in heavy load if the frame is not braced properly. So my question is have any of you who pull an enclosed car hauler had any issue with either of those two types of frames.
  6. Howdy All, I listed my truck on RVT.Com, craigslist, and Truck Trader. Third person who looked bought it. Took about a month. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  7. Sorry Herman, just saw this. We are located in Fredericksburg (Falmouth area), VA.
  8. Hello all, We will be hitting the road full time with in the next 6 months. I am now starting to look at mail forwarding services in South Dakota. Sioux Falls is closer to VA so am looking there first but have not ruled out going over to Rapid City. Can you all comment on "Dakota Post and My Best Address"? Both are located in Sioux Falls. Most post I have read cover the ones located in Rapid City so info on those two would be appreciated.
  9. Howdy all. I have read several threads but am still conflicted. My current extended warranty is expiring. I looked into replacing it and the cost is now $12K for 3 yrs/30K miles. That is about triple what I paid 4 yrs ago when I bout the coach. I have used the policy over the last 4 years but probably did not break even between original cost and what my share of the bills added up to. The coach has 62,300 miles on her. I will be retiring in the next 2 yrs and will hit the road full time. I know if one of the major systems dies like engine, transmission, AC, or Jacks the cost could be pretty high for repairs. With that said I feel the odds for that are not that great. I could be wrong though. Please provide what you all think or have done. Thanks
  10. Howdy all. The jury is in and We will get an enclosed trailer and tow the wife's car. So I need some more advise. Where is the best place to advertise my 2014 Ford F150 4x4 for sale. It is set up with the Blu Ox base plate and other items for flat towing. Are there any advertisers who specialize or focus on RVer's?
  11. Howdy All, The better half and I are looking down the barrel of retirement in the next year or two. We are looking at the Waco, TX area as a possibility. We are currently in Northern VA and are tired of the cold and paying taxes on everything. So I hope some of you out there may have some close to first hand info on the Waco, TX area. I know it's not too far from Ft Hood. Can any one tell me or recommend any of the small surrounding communities. We want to look at getting a small house with enough room for the RV and use it for our base when we hit the road semi-full time. Also can anyone tell me if there are any oriental markets in or around Waco.
  12. Howdy All, The better half and I are a couple years from retiring. We have looked around the country and saw a few mentions about Yuma, AZ. Can some one out there give me some first hand info on Yuma. We would probably want to buy (low cost) where we would be around like minded folks and have room for our coach. .
  13. Howdy All. I know we all like to save money on our energy costs on the road and at home. I can recommend a way to save on your energy cost when at the homestead. AMBIT energy gives you an option to what your local power company force feeds you. Please check them out at the following link. http://agconsult.myambit.com/
  14. Hello all. I replaced my NORCOLD fridge with a residential one. I have been trying to figure out how to close off the exterior vent door for the fridge. The AC escapes out the vent part of the panel.I tried spray foam but that just made a mess. Anyone out there figure out a good way to seal it off?
  15. Any recommended products that works with Apple products? cameras or apps?
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